Custom Board Game: The Perfect Summer Activity

Did you know that Senet, the oldest board game ever, dates back to 3500 BC? This pastime is most popular among ancient Egyptians after a long day of work along the Nile River.

Before guidelines let people out during the pandemic, board games proved their worth. These were almost every homes’ solution to make the most of a day without outdoor activities.

Summer vacation is now around the corner, which means more time with family and friends again. What better way to hang with them than a fun custom board game? Consider these steps to customize a board game and play with your own rules.

Identify Game Style

The first thing to consider when planning for custom board games is to pick what kind of board game you like. Do you want a roll-and-move type of board game like Monopoly? Or do you prefer wordsmith and puzzles like Scrabble?

It’s all up to you. You can take inspiration from existing board games and adapt and alter the mechanics. If you want, you can even combine two games to come up with your own.

Draft a Sketch

When you create board games, know that initial sketches are crucial. It allows you to review the visual layout and the game’s rules in general.

Drafting a sketch will guide you in designing, especially with complicated board games. Sketching will simplify the steps to follow.

Construct the Board

Making the board is not as hard and demanding as you may think. You can use cardboard, pens, markers, colors, and other creative materials you can find at home. You can also opt for a printed board game for a wow factor.

Use photo editing software to layout your board game design and send it to a printing studio. You can even hire them to digitize your layout design. QinPrinting offers quality printing services you can consider.

Create Board Game Pieces

Now that you have your board, it’s time to create board game pieces. You can use things found at home, but make sure the size is appropriate for the board. There’s nothing wrong with recycling materials like soda bottle tops.

Another option is to buy ready-made custom board game pieces. If you’re so invested in this that you want the perfect pieces tailored for your game, 3D printing could be for you. 3D printers are now more accessible as their prices have gone down.

Test the Game

This stage is the final step for your board game creation. Make sure that you have your rules, board, and player pieces. Try to play it with your friends and see if the game’s rules work well.

You can always change the game’s rules depending on what works best for you and the players.

Enjoy a Custom Board Game Today

Spend your time with your family and friends with a custom board game of your creation. Take a break from your gadgets and make the most of your time enjoying the great company of family and friends.

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