Contemporary Design Style: 10 Key Tips for Decorating Your Home

While there isn’t any clear description of what establishes contemporary architecture, it encompasses a range of current building styles which often look fundamentally different from each other and sometimes from whatever that has occurred before. This use to be thanks to countless innovations in materials and construction procedures that have made contemporary architecture thinkable in all its endless iterations.

Contemporary style reflects the here and now, what it’s like to live in 2016, and the summation of current trends such as pastel pink walls, gold finishes, marble countertops, and oversized focus. Now do not worry, because as trends in interior design do not change as fast as in fashion, so it is likely that a contemporary space from a couple of years ago will continue to be seen within the style.

Mix of Materials

The contemporary style is characterized by the eclectic mix of materials: wood, stone, metal, concrete, textiles they all coexist well in the same space, providing visual richness, so if you want to achieve a contemporary style, dare to mix.

Tone on Tone

To make the space feel contemporary, the idea is to make an eclectic mix while maintaining a uniform colour palette. In this practice, the main highlight is the application of tone-on-tone colour but rather to play with different shades, from the lightest to the darkest, of the same colour.

Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen and leather are incorporated in this style for their natural appearance, and it helps to give more warmth to spaces.

Simple Lines

In this style, the simple lines that characterize the most refined styles (minimalist, Nordic, modern) are maintained, however in this case not only the straight line works, since curves and geometric figures are also a good incorporation.

Oversized Art

Large pieces are a strong trend today, Paintings are one of the many ways you can decorate your wall. Adding a large painting canvas  will create a dynamic look that adds depth and balance to your space. If you want to decorate a home without many renovations, picking up a painting is one of the best options. If you are interested in buying paintings, then first think about the style you want to display like traditional, modern, sober, formal, warm, farmhouse, or inviting. A unique kind of original painting will tell you that adding wall art to your home decor will enhance your room with color and style and will often become an eye-catching focal point in space. Choosing a style can help you figure out what you actually need. The single favorite artwork can easily act as the perfect anchor for other parts of the room. These small changes can make a huge difference in your home space looks without having to spend a fortune to make it happen. the problem is that they are generally quite expensive, but if you can make the investment, you will surely get a focal point for your contemporary space.

Illumination and Lighting

Lighting is elevated to the status of “piece of art” in contemporary interior design. Straight lines and metallic finishes (chrome, silver, gold and bronze) are characteristic of this style. Bet on incorporating a prominent luminaire in your space to generate a talking point about it.

There are certain variations within this style, all of which are important to consider:

The artisan, the flexibility and the feminine

They are the features that characterize this style. In addition to a search to recover manual production after industrial hegemony.

The importance of the local versus the global, of ecology and recycling

When people began to talk about globalization, a concern arose to respond to the loss of national identity that this entailed.

Experimentation, technology and versatility

There is a border that separates the rational from the emotional. It is along this line that contemporary design travels. Some references are taken from the French origin. These are well-built products but with special attention to their formal beauty.

The importance of color and imperfection

These two of the characteristics of the contemporary: a controlled use of color and enriched with untouchable shades that give rise to different and personalized looks. 

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