Concluding On the perfection of the Sports Betting

After you have chosen where to bet on sports, you need to decide on the sport. Let’s look at an example of a bet on the NBA. So, you have selected the Toronto Golden State event and you see approximately the following table:

What does all this mean?

All bookmakers use special abbreviations for convenience. Understanding them is very simple:

Ordinary bets or bets on the winner

  • victory of the first team
  • victory of the second team
  • a draw

If you want to bet on the winner, you need to select one of these options by clicking on the coefficient. For example, the Toronto win is 1.67. That is, if you bet 100 dollars, then in case of a win you will receive 167 dollars. In bookmakers, your winnings are known before the event. Please note that opposite [X] (draw) is a huge odd of 12. That’s because draws are extremely rare in basketball. Therefore, beginners are advised to start betting with basketball or any other sport (such as tennis)  토토사이트 site in which draws are rare.

Double Chance Betting

  • victory of the first team or a draw;
  • victory of the first or second team;
  • victory of the second team or a draw.

These bets combine two results. Accordingly, the bet is considered to be winning when one of the two events occurs.

Handicap Bet

  • victory of the first team with a handicap.
  • victory of the second team with a handicap.

In this case, the bet on the victory of Toronto with a handicap of -3.5 and the victory of the Golden State with a handicap of +3.5 is accepted. For example, you bet Toronto with a handicap. The match ended with a score of 100: 95. In this case, it takes away the -3.5 odds from the Toronto account, and we get the score 96.5: 95. The Toronto score is higher than the Golden State score, the bet passed. If, for example, the match ends with a score of 101: 97 in favor of Toronto, you bet Golden State on the handicap. The final score with handicap is 101: 100.5 in favor of Toronto. We can say that my bet did not go to the NBA. If the match ended with a score of 100: 97, then with a handicap of +3.5, the bet would have been counted.

Total Bet

  • the total is less
  • total more

Total is the total score of both teams. For example, you bet on total over 212.5. The match ends with a score of 92: 105. Total of the match = 197. The bet on the total failed.