Combine your Food with Best Non Alcoholic Beverage in Hong Kong City

Hong Kong is fourth densely populated town in the world. This city situated in China, has major areas covered by farming and fishing. The territory is the most significant part of financial and commercial sector. Even the tourism business has played a key role in increasing the economy. The government pays special attention to events that can attract maximum tourists to the location. Major tourists are observed from Mainland China.

With the visit of monuments and different events people also opt for Hong Kong food tour where the tourist guide takes them to different streets and restaurants to explore and experience the culture in regional food. It is a mixture of Cantonese and European cuisines. However, no food is complete without a non-alcoholic beverage. Although tea is commonly preferred by people, but some visitors prefer juice or beer with their food.

Here are some drinks that you might be interested in –

  • Milk tea is commonly used by residents which include evaporated milk mixed in black tea. The combination of milk, tea and sugar can be changed depending upon your taste and flavor you prefer.
  • Lemon tea is again flavored with sugar syrup or honey with few lemon slices. This black tea is refreshing when taken cold with few ice cubes in it and a straw to take sip of your drink.
  • Red bean ice is made of red beans, milk and sugar syrup with some scoops of ice cream as topping. People can enjoy this drink at any time of the day.
  • Pineapple ice or pineapple slush is a mixture of ice, water and sweetener with few cubes of pineapple in your glass settled at the bottom. These cubes of pineapple give a touch of mild flavor of fruit in your drink.
  • Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drink which has recently entered Hong Kong and is a mixture of fruit and tea. There are pearls like balls settled at the foot of the jar or glass which is drank with the support of straw.
  • Ovaltine and Horlicks are offered hot or cold to customers. They are added to milk to give it a flavor.
  • Beers like Tsingtao, San Miguel, Blue Girl or Sonderberg are found in most beer cafes, but if you’re more familiar with Heineken, Carlsberg, then you will surely get that as well.

Herbal tea is commonly found in all restaurants. It isn’t only refreshing, but also keeps you healthy and helps in digestion. Hence, choose your favorite drink and combine it with your food.