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There is a standard in League of Legends games. The action at Summoner’s Rift often takes place in various phases – from small duels in the lane to clashes of entire teams. Break through to the enemy base, destroy the enemy nexus and win.

Fight for Rift

The largest map of League of Legends, Summoner’s Rift, is divided into two identical halves and contains three avenues to the enemy base. Each of them is defended by three towers and an inhibitor, and the nexus itself – two more towers. On both sides of the map extends a vast jungle, in which there are powerful reinforcements, and in the central river there are two powerful monsters and a Wandering Crab, defeating which gives a bonus to the whole team. With the tft rank boosting you can now get the best choices available.


Towers are powerful defensive buildings that protect avenues at specific intervals, attacking enemies within range with powerful energy projectiles. Like creatures, they are more likely to attack targets other than you. The tower will start shooting at you if you attack the opposing team hero or have no other targets. Watch out for battles under enemy towers.


In the place where each avenue flows into the base, there are important buildings, called inhibitors. Destroying the inhibitor means that every time a wave of creatures appears in a given lane, a super-creature is added to it. These are very durable units, thanks to which they perfectly assault the enemy nexus. 

  • Inhibitors reborn after five minutes, so take advantage of this time.
  • Destroying all three inhibitors will cause two super creatures per lane to appear with each wave of creatures.


The heart of every base is nexus. Protected by two towers, the nexus is a building that periodically creates waves of creatures on every avenue. When a team destroys an opponent’s nexus, they win the game.


In League of Legends, the hero earns gold by destroying enemy units and buildings. The final blow to a creature or hero, assistance in killing a hero, and some runes and items provide cash. You can buy powerful items from the store at the summoning platform for gold. Click the store or button next to the sum of gold to open its window.

Items provide bonuses immediately after purchase

    • Different items match different heroes and styles of play, so your shopping list depends on your strategy
    • Disposable equipment, such as potions or totems and some items, is activated by clicking their icon in the inventory or by using the 1-6 keys



Between the alleys is a jungle full of neutral monsters. They do not attack the enemy base, but you can defeat them to get gold and special buffs. The player can assume the role of the jungle fighter and spend most of his time fighting them. These characters usually travel between alleys, helping their companions when needed.