Buying the Best Baby Shoes: Infancy to Toddler

The moment when you have to choose your baby’s first shoes can be a hard one, especially when you have no idea what kind of shoes do you need for them. You need to find the best solution that is comfortable for your baby, looks cute and fits well. These shoes should give them support and should help them in walking properly. 

It is obvious that you are after the perfect experience for your kid for which you need to pick the right shoes but it takes a lot of research for the same. You can know the 1-year-old shoe size from the chart. 

Should a Baby Wear Shoes?

The first question is does a baby need a shoe. The answer to this question solely depends on the requirement. If they are going out, they sure will need shoes. If they are at home, there is no need, however, if they are learning to walk then they may need shoes at even home to protect their feet. Baby shoes are not bad for a baby if you get the right one. 

Generally, babies need their first pair of shoes when they start walking, but when you are taking them out you will need a pair just to be on their feet. 

Types of Baby Shoes

While a person is familiar with boots, sandals, sneakers, they do not have any idea about the other types of shoes that are available like lingo, pram or cruisers. While these are the name that you might not be familiar with, you can get them easily for your kids online. There are a lot of babies shoes out in the market you just have to choose the best one. Find low-cost new baby shoes for your needs. 

What Age Should Baby Start Wearing Shoes?

Crib Shoes: 0 to 9 months

These shoes are for kids just to be on their feet and protect them when they are going outside. While they are in the crib, they will not these shoes. They will also regulate the temperature and keep their feet warm. 

Pre-Walker 9-12 months

These are shoes for babies who are learning to walk and must be comfortable and should not restrict growth. This is a very crucial stage for kids and their shoes should push their growth. 

Walking Shoes 12-18 months

For kids who have learned to walk the shoes should be sturdy to protect their feet from all kinds of surfaces.

Get the right shoes for your kid according to the age group they belong to.