Braids for Bridal Hair

For every bride, excellence is required to make the wedding day special. She would seek the best available hands to get deliver to the premium services that will her look ravishing on that day. One of the major concerns is the bridal hair. For brides in search of chic, romantic hairstyles that represent fun and optimism, the braided bridal hair does it.

Some types of braided bridal hairstyles include:

  1. Simple braided hairband: With the braided hair passed crossed like a headband, this very simple hairstyle represents focus, ease, and can still be classy at the same time.
  1. Asymmetrical French Braid: This French Braid comes with a twist. It is woven sideways to create this elegant and stunning look.
  1. Loosened French Brown: This French braid is packed behind like an upside-down crown, yet providing a chick and sophisticated look. Braids are woven loosely to form a bounce.
  1. Grecian Goddess Braids: If you are in search of a braided style to match short hair, this is excellent. You can create an amazing look with the braids packed in front like a crown, and the short hair done in waves.
  1. Half-Up Twist with Curls: This braided hairstyle expresses creativity and royalty. You have the two ends of the hair rolled up, crossed at the back to form a knot. The rest of the flowing hair is a mix of curls and a few braids.
  1. Large Loose French Braid: This bridal hair style is created by weaving the full hair from top to bottom resulting in large but loose braids.
  1. Wraparound Dutch Crown Braid: This type of hairstyle is created by weaving the hair at the back and then turning the braid around across the head to form a crown. With this type of hairstyle, any bride is made to look like a queen.
  1. Curly Updo with Crown: This type of hairstyle is created by forming a crown in front and packing the tip of the braids at the back to form a bun. This bun would be made of curly hair with some loosely left to fall.
  1. Crown and a Bun: Just as the name implies, this very simple hairstyle combines a crown made by crossing the braid in front. The tip of the crown meets the rest of the hair at the back to form a bun.
  1. Low One-Sided Braids: To create this elegant and stylish look, you would pack the entire hair to one side and from that angle, weave it down to the end to form the braids
  1. Halo Braided Updo: For this type of braided hairstyle, rather than pass the braids in front to look like a crown, it is passed right in the middle to look like a halo. This very elegant hairdo would bring out the chic in any bride.

Other very graceful, beautiful, and yet very simple braided hairstyles can be used by a bride for her day, some are so elegant they may not need any accessories. This is to show you do not have to break the bank to look gorgeous on your big day!