Big Busted and Proud: Swimwear for All Sizes

Summer is right around the corner, and it is time to flaunt those curves. The sandy beaches and aquamarine waters are the best places to spend summer days. The weather calls for less coverage and more style. With summer closing in, numerous online retail outlets are offering discounts on their swimwear. Women have no shortage of choices, with a wide range of designs and patterns available online at discounted prices.

Swimwear is the highlight of this season, and several fashion magazines sport bikini-clad women on their covers. Keeping up with the trend, online stores will also stock all sizes from ‘A’ cup to ‘G’ cup swimwear. There are many swimwear styles available in all sizes, even up to HH cups. Women can now stop worrying about cup sizes and focus solely on getting the design and pattern they want.


Before deciding on a pattern or style, women have to decide on their coverage and support preferences. Coverage of swimwear refers to the amount of skin a woman will show off. Ranging from one-pieces to micro bikinis, each style flaunts a varying amount of skin. A one-piece suit flaunts most of the legs and comes with various sleeve and neckline options. A tankini works as both swimwear and summer outfit, which covers most of the torso area, depending on the style. Micro bikinis mildly cover the breast and pubic area, offering the least coverage. Depending on what the woman is comfortable with, they can make their choice.

Another point to consider is the support the swimwear offers. Support refers to the wiring inside the swimwear. Big busted women usually have tremendous back problems as they have to support the weight of their breasts entirely. Support swimwear comes with a wire in the bikini cups that support the breasts, allowing for more freedom of movement. Ranging from ‘A’ to ‘G’ cup, swimwear with wires caters to all breast sizes.

Wired lingerie and swimwear have come a long way from their inception. Lingerie and swimwear, which had wires stitched into the lining, were usually uncomfortable as the wire would poke and dig into the skin, and with long-time wear, the wire would tear and come out from the lining. But today, wired swimwear offers maximum comfort without the wire digging into the skin or tearing the fabric. Swimwear today comes with highly durable material that guarantees long-term usage and trendy styles.


Bikinis and other swimwear form a large part of the fashion industry. As with other dresses, swimwear also has changing trends. After women decide on their coverage preference, they can opt for one of the following designs to set the perfect style statement.

Halter Neck

A halter neck exposes the back and flatters the collar bones. These styles offer excellent support to the bust area, and when paired with denim shorts, they make for a cute outfit.

Keyhole Cut-out

A keyhole cut-out has perfect placement in the mid-torso area to flatter a woman’s body shape. This style is gaining popularity and will make a big splash this summer on multiple magazine covers.

Spaghetti Strings

Spaghetti strings are a permanent fashion statement since the 70s. The cute bows tied on the back or the waist flatters the curves while giving a chic look.


Strapless swimwear sets a bold statement and flaunts a lot of skin. Big busted women opting for this style should consider ‘G’ cup swimwear with wired support. They can flaunt this look effortlessly while the wire offers maximum comfort and support.