Best Vape Apps for Android You Should Try

The vaping industry is experiencing constant growth. To promote the industry even more, some vape apps have been designed for Android phones aimed at making your vaping experience even better. These apps have numerous features and options that can even be appreciated by a vaper with keen insight. The apps can be useful in shopping for e-cigarettes, doing research—which can enable you to create a new e-cigarette recipe—and helping you get an optimal e-cigarette experience. Every vaper has their own needs. The apps have therefore been created to suit many of the needs that vaping enthusiasts have. You will not only engage with the nearest vaping community, but you will also learn about the different varieties of e-cigarettes and how you can manage your vape device. Below are some of the best vape apps for android.

Ohm’s law

This is one of the most crucial vaping tools you can have in your collection. If you are into building coils, you need to have an excellent understanding of Ohm’s law. This app works as a resistance calculator. Even if you are new to vaping, you can still manage to accurately calculate voltage, resistance, and even current by just inserting values. This app is a must-have, as it will not only keep you safe, but it will also help you get that ideal vape.

Vape boss

Vape boss is not just any other app. It is a mobile platform for vapers. It contains vaping news, a guide on where you can shop, and a platform where you can share pictures and vaping tips. The app was created in 2014 with the aim of offering a free one-stop resource for the entire vaping community. Once you open it, you can find the location of nearby e-cigarette shops, a platform for reviews, and a platform where you can even sell vape products. This app can also be customized by any retailer who does vaping business to help them promote their business. The various vape shops can also be featured retailers in the app by creating some SEO-driven websites, which are then showcased in the app.


This app, which is associated with Heavengifts, was created in 2018, and you can find it in both the Play Store and the Apple Store. Vapers are finding both Facebook and YouTube to be unfriendly. As such, Vaffle was designed to deal with this. Using an Instagram-like format together with the communal aspect of Facebook, the app has risen to popularity. Once you open the app, you will find that it has a Vaffle social platform that allows you to post and read personal feeds, general feeds, and even reviews for various vape juices. The app also contains a section for vape tools. Here you can find a vape calculator, vape diary, and any other tool that will improve your vaping experience.

With the vaping industry growing massively, along with the availability of many vaping flavors and accessories, you need to get your vaping supplies from a market leader like Epuffer, which is reachable at They offer a variety of vape juices and accessories, and it is up to the vaper to choose the one that suits them best.

The Vape Tool

The Vape Tool is a tool that serves several functions, which is helpful if you are too short on time to be moving from one app to another, be it to measure ohms, make a coil, or compare battery life. This app, which is exclusive to Android, helps to make a first-class coil building tool that changes with different wire diameters, spacing, and other things. With the Vape Tool and a comprehensive Ohms law tool, a juice blending and recipe tool, and a good battery life calculator, you can be assured of an all-in-one solution for any situation.

Planet of the Vape forum app

Planet of the Vape tops the list of websites for e-cig news, competitions, deals, and discussions, as it has the highest readership. This forum app is a rich resource for all vapers—whether they are new or seasoned vapers—where they can interact with other vapers and share their experiences.


Like any other old habit, vaping is hard to keep track of. You can easily forget how long it has been since you switched from smoking to vaping, and this is where Vapemate comes in. It takes on your memory’s duties, and maintains a count of the amount of time you have spent buying vaping stuffs, and compares it against your monthly expenditures on cigarettes. You may also download this app to keep a record of the number of cigarettes you have avoided since you quit smoking. Thus, you can use Vapemate as a smoking timer and as a calculator for savings.

Smoke Free

It is never a simple thing to quit smoking, so it is no wonder so many people relapse, perhaps after suffering serious withdrawal symptoms due to nicotine addiction. The Smoke Free app, with scientific backing, performs a series of vigorous scientific tests by logging answers to different questions. With a variety of over 20 techniques that are backed by evidence, this app serves as a great aid to help you deal with your strong longing for cigarettes. Some of the things that this apps offers to encourage you in your battle to quit cigarettes include data on your savings from not smoking, the number of cigarettes you have avoided, the duration you have been smoke-free, and the gains in your health as result of having stayed away from smoking. The only thing you need to do is log your cravings into this app, and you will receive advice at no cost, and without any ads interrupting.

Quit now! app

Smoke Free app and many other apps to help you kick away smoking require you to subscribe to get the most out of them, but the Quit now! app is free. It is available on Android or iOS. It has the basic features of an app that helps to stop smoking, including the days you have abstained from smoking, the money you have saved by avoiding smoking, the number of cigarettes not smoked, and the amount of time saved by avoiding smoking. All these features work miracles, as they make the benefits of not smoking more tangible. The beauty of this app, and what makes it different from the others, is the accomplishments that it awards you for not smoking—the health meter gives a percentage regarding your body’s improvements as a result of not smoking. Additionally, the social part of the app enables you to interact with others  who are also fighting smoking, so you can help each other and share your experiences, thus easing the tough journey.