Basic Information on The Many Uses of Different Strains of CBD Flower Buds

Sometimes when it comes to choosing the right CBD flower strains for some of the novices, guidance is a very welcome ingredient. Therefore, we have put together years of research and trials to come up with a few tips for those looking to buy only the best ones to fulfill their personal preferences and needs.

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There are a few things one can do with flower buds, from rolling it up and smoking it, or eating it or vaping it via a liquid you can make out of the buds. For beginners, it may get overwhelming when trying to do any of the above and it can take practice but does get easier very quickly.

Let’s take a step back for a second and go to the basics of what the CBD flower is. This is a derivation from the Cannabis sativa flower, usually clipped and sold with the seeds and leaves, usually resembling a ball or green fluff.

Most of the strains, especially the non-hybrid ones, contain less than 0.3{b3b47b4ce3613a8ae866741a21452b80454d4cde38f39b62399bbbfc1a1a9f3e} THC. This is a very low amount that does not have any effects on your psyche. So, if you come across a hemp plant and a cannabis plant, know that they are similar in many ways, except for their level of THC, one is higher than the other more here.

Cannabis has a higher amount while Hemp is known for a minimal amount. Just to make it a tad bit complicated, there are over 100 different types of cannabinoids in each, and the dominant cannabinoid rests in the hemp plant.

Let’s check out the various uses then.

Eating CBD Flower Buds

The consensus is when you eat something beneficial to the body, it works much quicker than most forms of ingesting it. Much in the same case eating these elements can also have beneficial effects on the body. The point to note is that this can be done in only certain circumstances and it is not advisable to eat it right off the plant like you would a strawberry or grape. This will just make you sick and possibly give you diarrhea.

The best way to consume it is by heating it because the cannabinoids are activated when heated up. So if you cook it or otherwise heat it properly, it can be eaten. Some suggestions of users that work have been to heat it up in butter or oil, or any saturated fat substance that you would normally use when making food. But make sure you don’t end up burning it, keep it on a low simmer instead, and once done, strain the parts.

There are tons of ways you can cook it, and cook with it, for instance in baking where you can make brownies or cakes with it (after cooking it halfway first) or inside soups and stews would also enhance the flavors further adding earthy tones. You can even make oil out of it when infused in it and kept for a few days. And if you run out of ideas, there are tons of guides online to help you out

Vaping These Buds

This is a very straight forward way of ingesting it. And does not take much preparation if doing it directly from the flower nubs itself. some people prefer this method which is also a quick way of introducing it to the system. For those who are skeptical about this method, but still want to try it, it is good to keep in mind that majority of these strains, when bought from reputable suppliers and growers should be grown using only organic processes and should not contain any toxic elements in them, and should be pure.

The technique of vaping enters your lungs a lot better than smoking it does. In other words, if you using it to treat something, like pain or inflammation, vaping can be a lot more effective than smoking a joint, for instance. This is because it preserves the natural flavonoids and terpenes which are responsible for the flower’s taste, smell, and flavor.

To do this, you would simply put the nubs inside of a dry herb vaporizer and take it with you wherever you go. Or if you like you can invest in what’scalled ‘smoking a bong’ which is a basic appliance with a bowl and pipe attached to it which you inhale through, while the plant burns at the bottom. You need a heat source like a lighter to heat the buds inside the bowl so the smoke comes up the pipe. These come in various shapes and sizes but serve the same purpose.

Smoking the Nubs

This is also a simple one, where just like when people smoke tobacco and roll-ups, where they add the tobacco into the paper, roll it up and light it, it’s the same thing. If you’re not a pro at rolling them up, you can always but them pre-rolled to save you the hassles, some of them even come in different flavors to make it more enjoyable for the user. The effects can last for up to an hour and this has become one of the most popular ways to ingest CBD and can be used recreationally, as well as in a treatment plan. But always consult your physician if you using it for treating a condition.