Baby Shower on a Budget: How to Organize Without Breaking the Bank

Are you planning a baby shower but don’t know how to do it without breaking the bank? You may be feeling overwhelmed, but fear not – organizing a great baby shower can be done on any budget.

In this article, we will share some tips and tricks for throwing an amazing baby shower without spending a fortune.

Understanding your Budget

The first step when planning a baby shower on a budget is to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend. Start by setting a realistic budget and stick to it – this will help you in making decisions about how much you can spend as well as what type of event you will have.

Make sure to factor in the cost of decorations, food, games, and other items.

Choose a Theme

Deciding on a theme for your baby shower is one of the most important steps when planning an event. A well-defined theme can help you stay within your budget as it will guide your decisions about decorations, food, favors, and other elements of the party.

For example, if you choose a nautical theme, you can decorate with blue and white stripes and sailboats. If you go for a nature-inspired theme, then bouquets in pastel hues would be perfect.

Choose an Appropriate Venue

The venue is one of the most important factors when planning a baby shower on a budget. Consider factors such as the size of the space, its cost, and if there are any additional amenities that you can take advantage of (e.g., a kitchen to prepare food or a garden for outdoor activities).

If you don’t want to rent an entire venue, consider hosting the baby shower in your own home or at a friend’s house – this can save you a lot of money.


Decorations are one of the most important factors in creating a great atmosphere for your baby shower. Consider making decorations yourself or finding affordable items to decorate with. For example, balloons and streamers are a great choice if you’re looking for something easy and cost-effective.

Another great idea is to use heart sparklers for a festive touch. Sparklers are relatively cheap and look beautiful when lit up in the dark.

Food and Drinks

One of the most important parts of a baby shower is food and drinks. When planning on a budget, consider preparing some of the food yourself or asking friends to contribute dishes. If you’re looking for something easy, finger foods are always a good option as they can be prepared in advance and served without fuss.

When it comes to drinks, don’t forget about mocktails! You can prepare a variety of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks that are perfect for a baby shower.


Favors are the perfect way to thank your guests for attending the baby shower. When shopping for favors, think about handmade items such as soaps or scented candles. These make great gifts and won’t break the bank.

Another great idea is to make personalized tea bags or cookies with the mom-to-be’s name or initials. This will make your guests feel special and appreciated.

Baby Shower Games or Activities

Last but not least, games or activities are a great way to keep your guests entertained and have some fun. If you’re looking for something easy and cost-effective, consider playing a game of Baby Bingo – this is an enjoyable game that can be easily prepared in advance.

For those who want something with a bit more pizazz, why not set up a photo booth and create a scrapbook for the mum-to-be to remember the special day?

Organizing an amazing baby shower without breaking the bank is possible if you plan and make use of cost-effective solutions. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun with it!