An Original Birthday Celebration on a Boat in Barcelona

If you think that a birthday is a sad occasion, as suggested by a famous song, it’s not the case when the celebration takes place on a boat. Many people have grown tired of celebrating at home, cooking or going to restaurants, only to forget where the celebration took place in a few years, since such monotonous gatherings are quickly forgotten. An original way to mark the occasion is to spend it in an unforgettable location. So book a boat in Barcelona in advance, as you deserve nothing but the best!

A Joyful Celebration

Barcelona Boat Rental will help you organize an unforgettable event and choose the boat that suits all your wishes and requirements. The celebration package includes everything to make the day bright and memorable:

  • boat decoration with balloons and floral arrangements;
  • a festive buffet or banquet;
  • colorful fireworks to enjoy from the deck.

Our Choices

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious birthday, renting a boat will be a true gift. Whether you want to hold a formal banquet or a youthful party, everything is at your service. For a birthday celebration, consider the following options:

  • Eco Slim catamaran, from 1090 euros per hour – a sightseeing vessel that can accommodate up to 147 guests simultaneously. The yacht is equipped with a semi-open deck, a salon, showers, and restrooms. The upper deck has a retractable awning to protect against wind and rain, stylish deck furniture, and audio equipment for parties and discos. The banquet hall is located in the central part of the lower deck.
  • Jolly Roger schooner, from 910 euros per hour – a two-deck frigate with sails and cannons. The boat’s interior is styled as a pirate ship that can accommodate up to 80 people on board. The upper deck is quite spacious. The banquet hall is located in the aft part of the vessel, with a small open area above it.
  • Cala San Vicente catamaran, from 970 euros per hour – a luxury-class vessel with two decks, ready to accommodate up to 147 people on board. The yacht is equipped with a conference hall, showers, comfortable cabins, and restrooms. The open upper deck can be used for buffets or discos, while the lower deck is reserved for a cozy banquet hall with stylish furniture and panoramic windows.

Optimism and Originality

An original birthday celebration on a boat certainly has its advantages. You won’t have to cook or think about entertaining your guests. Simply invite them onto a luxurious catamaran, and to avoid monotony during the cruise, discuss stops at specially equipped locations and enjoy the celebration.

If you are ready to treat yourself to such an unforgettable day, book all services with Barcelona Boat Rental. They will prepare a formal banquet, buffet, disco, party, or themed evening with excellent service!