All You Need to Know About VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting


In India, both VPS and WordPress hosting options are available. Virtual Private Server (VPS) refers to a dynamic virtualised hosting server that works within a parent server on the cloud. Usually, the VPS infrastructure is composed of a cluster of servers. You need to access Secure File Transfer Protocol and both Root and Secure Shell. A managed web hosting provider usually supplies a software installer and Content Management Systems like WordPress. Set resources are allocated to every server instance. Storage, CPU cores and RAM are specific to a single user. 

Unlike VPS hosting which is pre-designed for general use, WordPress hosting is optimised particularly for WordPress websites. So, you need not take into consideration frameworks and software that run on other applications and sites. The tools used are directly or indirectly designed for WordPress to help it run efficiently. The aim is to provide maximum performance without having to manage a server. 

Here is all you need to know about the benefits of VPS hosting vs. WordPress hosting. 

Benefits of Using VPS Hosting

A major benefit of using VPS in India is receiving low-level access to the server. Being able to interact with the server stack and OS and having root access allows you to customise not only your applications and sites but also the server. For most server-side functions, you can receive support from the managed provider. 

Another benefit is that you can upgrade to get more resources when required. The way you can upgrade the server depends on the chosen provider. Nevertheless, you can achieve the needed performance. 

Root access lets you install and configure nearly any software that you’d like to have on the server. Available control panels provide a point-and-click interface for all functions. Generally, you will have any control panel you choose, the operating system and the standard server software for the webserver, scripting and database. 

Installing other software to improve the management of your applications and websites is a great way to make sure that your projects run as needed. 

Benefits of Using WordPress Hosting

Performance is a major advantage offered by WordPress hosting. Due to the focus of the environment on just one type of hosting, the whole infrastructure is optimised uniquely for the best performance. If needed, you can also use extra plugins.  

Another benefit of using WordPress hosting is that you need not manage a server. This is handled by the web hosting service provider so that agencies and web designers can focus on their websites. 

The third benefit offered by WordPress hosting is security. As WordPress is the sole framework handled by the infrastructure, services which are not required to operate WordPress are disabled. Together with regular updates of the WordPress plugins and core, this helps in maintaining a protected and secure environment. 

If you wish to set up your website without manual code editing, opt for the best website builder. To build your own website without much hassle, a reputed web hosting service provider can offer you an easy website builder in the form of suitable online proprietary tools.