All You Must Know About Laminate Flooring

Different kinds of flooring have different maintenance strategies and aesthetics. They all have a different feel, smell, and longevity. Although there are many options one could choose their flooring from, it becomes difficult to care for them in the long run. There are various options for laminate flooring in Sydney that provide the same aesthetics and longevity at an affordable price.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminated flooring is just thin sheets of flooring formed out of two main layers that are:


HDF is high-density wood fibre. This fibre is collected from scraps and ground together to form sheets that can be cut to size. The composite fibres are just compressed wood, so any water leakage through it might swell it up and cause heavy damages, making it brittle. It has a base that protects it from collecting any rot or mould on it or exposing it to any material that may harm the flooring. It is recommended to check for this base feature before purchase to ensure no rot enters the flooring from underneath.


These are sheets containing colours and patterns placed on top of the HDF for aesthetic looks. A customer can easily choose this since they are printed to look exactly like their replacements, i.e. marble, wood, bamboo floorings. These can also be customised, but the usual ones are made keeping in mind the general aesthetics of the house for the masses. This material is just plainly paper-based and does not have any special qualities unless some places offer qualities like waterproof covers, ultra scratch-free surfaces, and more.

Transparent Layer

This layer helps resist spills on it and protects the floor from swelling up due to wetness. This layer is thin and unnoticeable. It is best to check for this layer for extra protection from the top. Along with safety, it also gives the floor a glossy look.

Look out for abrasion ratings since they allow one to understand how durable material is. This rating has a 1-6 level rating, 6 being the best use material. 

Some laminate flooring in Sydney provides embossment options that enhance the looks and make it look like real hardwood or marble flooring. One should make sure their laminate flooring has the following features for it to be one of the best picks:


This is one of the most preferred options since many people have pets that tend to scratch the flooring with their nails or children who can be curious about it. Most laminate floorings are scratch-resistant and easily repairable even if they develop scratches on them. 

Stain Resistance

This option is available only for a few laminate flooring materials since any hard and dark colours can imprint themselves on the floor unless cleaned very quickly and with proper cleaning equipment. Use limited amounts of detergents and make sure to not wet the area more than required before checking if it is waterproof or requires dry cleaning agents. 


Very few laminate floorings have this ability since most of them tend to swell upon water application; this does not only look puffed up but also reduces their lifespan. 

This option is the most inexpensive choice since most other replacements are chosen for their authenticity, but why choose a super costly material when a cheaper material provides the same looks for a lower and affordable price. So, in short, laminate flooring is the way to go.