All About Salt Spray Testing Carried Out by Envisys Technologies


A salt spray test is called as corrosion testing and is performed on metal product. This takes a look at estimates the resistance of surface coating against the corrosion initiating conditions. in an exceedingly neutral salt spray take a look at, the specimen is exposed to the saline fog for a particular length and once the take a look at cycle is completed, the specimen is analysed visually. There are standards outlined by relative authorities to perform the take a look at step by step. ASTM B117 is followed that has outlined all the conditions and precautions to be taken whereas activity to be taken while performing this test.

Test Procedure

  • To perform the take a look at, 1st of all, a standardised salt spray chamber is needed.
  • To start the take a look at, place the sample within the chamber by rubbing off all the contaminants like mud or grease from the specimen surface.
  • The angle of placement ought to be 20° and therefore there should be unbroken far from the chamber walls. Close the cover of the chamber and set the fundamental quantity.
  • The length of the take a look at are often within the multiple of twenty four, like, 24 hours, 48 hours, seventy two hours so on.
  • Several machines are equipped with HMI panel or bit screen panel to permit the profile programming.
  • Once the take a look at is complete, the specimen is taken out and analysed visually.
  • If the specimen doesn’t show any traces of rust it passed the take a look at, else it’s failing.

Precautions to be taken

  • The temperature of the chamber ought to be approx. 37°C.
  • The extent of fog that’s to be maintained is 5ml.
  • Throughout the take a look at, the cover mustn’t be opened. It disturbs the take a look at conditions that are maintained within the chamber.
  • It is vital that the take a look at ought to run non-stop. Therefore, it is horribly necessary to possess a water reservoir.
  • The sample mustn’t be placed terribly on the brink of the walls; it’s going to lead to uneven exposure to fog.

Importance of Corrosion Testing

In metal industries, this take a look at serves totally different functions. Some industries try and measure the behavior of their product in real operating conditions, whereas some try and estimate the period of their product. There is one attention-grabbing analysis which could be a determination of salt spray life. It is often outlined because the range of hours a specimen will face up to while not developing the corrosion. In Envisys Technologies, it’s used because the parameter to gauge the regression within the production method. Over the time, because of wear and tear of the machine or with the age of the machine the assembly method starts to develop loopholes which could not get recognised unless tested. 

It is an indoor method of putting in quality standards. The manufacturer should systematically adhere to those standards to deliver high-quality product. Salty fog testing is taken into account a crucial parameter within the metal business. It not solely tests the property of the coated surface however additionally determines the period behavior of the merchandise.

At, Envisys Technologies there is forever a thought among the makers and that they try and relate the salt spray life with reality. However this can be not the aim of the take a look at. As a result of in reality conditions, there’s a periodic cycle of wet and dry events. However, in simulated tested conditions, there are constant wet conditions. Understanding the correct aim of this take a look at is incredibly vital so right testing purpose are often served.

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