A Newbie’s Guide to the Different Types of CBD and How They Work

Looking to try out some new CBD products, but unsure about what to expect? If you’ve been going your whole life assuming CBD is weed, just like THC, there’s a lot more to it. They react very differently and will have varying impacts depending on what you use.

CBD can offer a lot of great benefits, but before you go buying different things to try on your body, it’s good to learn about the different types of CBD and what they do. Keep reading to learn all about CBD and why it’s beneficial for you.

CBD Basics

CBD is more prevalent in hemp plants, whereas THC is more prevalent in weed plants. THC is what gives you a high and can impact your behavior. CBD, whether it comes from a weed plant or hemp, has many positive benefits, but will not get you high. It can allow you to feel less anxious or more relaxed, but won’t create the same feeling THC does.

Three Types of CBD

In any hemp or weed plant, there will be both THC and CBD, the amount is what differs. And when it comes to CBD products, many have certain amounts of THC, and that will change what they do. There are three specific types of CBD, and they differ based on the amount of THC also present.


If you find a product labeled “full-spectrum CBD” that means it’s made from the entire plant and does have some THC present. It will never have more than .3%  THC, so it is very minimal. However, you should note that it is still in that product and it isn’t 100% CBD.

There is no one best type of CBD, but if you are looking to get the full range of benefits from the plant, full-spectrum is your best bet. And the amount of THC present is so low that you will not get high from full-spectrum products if that is a concern.


Broad-spectrum CBD is made from almost the entire plant, but has even less THC than full spectrum products, and may only have trace amounts too small to truly include. Because this type of CBD is still made from most of the plant, it can contain other useful cannabinoids, like CBN.

But since it doesn’t have the whole plant, it will be missing other benefits that you might get from THC.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolates are pure CBD without any other cannabinoids present, including THC. If you are concerned about testing positive on a drug test, using CBD isolate products would probably be the best choice. You can find bulk CBD isolate for sale so you can make your own safe products with it.

Since the isolate doesn’t include anything else, you could learn if this is the best type of CBD for your specific issues. But also it is less likely to produce an effect since there aren’t several compounds interacting, like found in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products. The compounds reacting together to create a more potent impact is called the entourage effect.

CBD Products

There are all different types of CBD products to choose from depending on what you need and want. It is important when buying CBD products to know the 3 types of CBD and pick which one is best for you. They will change how the product works for you and how potent they are.

Different products will come in a variety of flavors and ways of taking them. If you’re looking to treat something, consider what your main problems are and how each product could impact that.


If you are trying to target sore muscles or pain relief in a certain area, topicals like lotions, tinctures, or creams might work best. Topicals that contain CBD need to be rubbed into that area to take effect, since they are infused with CBD that can help with pain relief and other issues.

This would be one of the best types of CBD for arthritis or other related problems. If you aren’t worried about drug tests, a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum lotion may produce the strongest effect.


Oil and also tinctures come in small bottles and are meant to be taken orally by dropping a small amount under the tongue and then swallowing. The different oils will come in different flavors, and you can find any of the different three types of CBD forms in them.

The dosage tends to start as low as 5 to 10 milligrams and go up from there. Each oil or tincture will provide instructions on how to take it and recommended dosage amounts.


CBD gummies, like oils, are taken orally. The biggest thing to watch out for with gummies is the dosage. Of all the types of CBD products, these do not have the easiest dose to measure, so it is best to start on the lowest and see how you do before working your way to higher dosages.

They tend to start at 5 milligrams, but aren’t regulated by the FDA, so use caution as you try them.

The Many Types of CBD

Along with various types and forms of CBD, there are also many benefits. CBD can help with pain relief for headaches or things like arthritis, and can lower inflammation. They can help manage seizures, allergies, and anxiety, among other things.

The different types of CBD give you a lot of choices so that you can find what works best for you and your condition. And all the different products offer even more to choose from when it comes to treatment options. And if you found this helpful in knowing more about CBD and all it has to offer, keep reading for more useful tips.