8 Crazy Facts About the Cosmos

Ever wondered why the galaxy is full of wonders? Of course, given the vast magnitude of it all, there’s sure to be wtf facts that you probably have never known, up until now, that is. From the moon all the way up to stars and galaxies, there are endless facts about the cosmos that you’re sure to want to know more about.

If Ever The Sun Explodes, You’ll Find Out 8 Minutes After.

That would be the time for us to see it changed. Crepuscular rays of sunlight take 8 minutes and 18 seconds to reach Earth. When the sun begins to die, it’ll get bigger and a little colder, turning into what the astronomers call the “red giant.”

It’s going to get so big that it’ll eat Mercury, Venus, and even Earth. Earth could have been in great trouble. Thankfully, it won’t happen anytime during our lifetime, talk about one the wtf facts that you wouldn’t want to be any part of!

There are 173 Confirmed Moons Orbiting Our Sun

As we all know, our planet has only one moon, and that’s for a fact. While other existing planets have more than one. The team discovered a haul of twenty new moons orbiting the ringed planets, bringing the total to eighty-two. Saturn is the planet that has the most moons.

Dwarf Galaxies Are How Many?

Unless you really have a huge interest in the cosmos, then you already know that most of the galaxies are dwarf galaxies. What are they, you ask? They are relatively small compared to the other galaxies and are roughly one hundredth the size of our very own Milky Way galaxy.

The Dangerous Black Hole

When the big stars explode, a black hole is created. Its gravitational force is so powerful that nothing can escape it. Well, fortunately, the nearest black hole is about 10,000 light-years away from Earth, and we are considered lucky.

A black hole is a space-time region with such a strong gravitational attraction that nothing and it meant no particles or even electromagnetic radiation, such as light could escape from it.

The Rock

There were three kinds of asteroids in there. Let’s not talk about it, but what’s more about asteroids is that the significant impact event is able to release the sum of millions of nuclear weapons erupting at the same time if ever there would be an asteroid the size of Rhode Island collides with oh I don’t know, let’s say the Earth.

Put merely, asteroids have the worst impact than nuclear weapons used in wars. You might as well use eyeglasses, or rub your eyes once you see a star falling, you wouldn’t know it’s a rock. Given the magnitude or lack thereof given how far it is.

There are over 170 billion galaxies that we can observe for now

There’s also a “future limit on visibility,” objects beyond this limit shall remain in the infinite future never enters our observable universe at any time. This is because the light emitted outside of that limit by objects would never reach us.

Did you know there are already tens of thousands of galaxies that have been cataloged but only a few have names? Galaxies are usually categorized by their shapes, which are three types: Spiral, Irregular, and an Elliptical galaxy. Crazy, right?

No Black Holes in All Galaxies

Black holes are one of the most feared phenomenons in our universe, given its reputation from sucking all the light and life deep into its stomach. Thankfully, not all galaxies have one and two of the closest galaxies near our Milky Way doesn’t have one.

Those galaxies are the Small Magellanic Cloud as well as the Large Magellanic Cloud, it’s because of the low-mass galaxies. Our Milky Way galaxy has a black hole, located in Sagittarius A. Thankfully, it’s so far that you can rest assured that we won’t be experiencing total darkness anytime soon.

How Fast Does Our Milky Way Spin?

Instead of giving an answer saying “it’s really fast”, the exact answer rotates 250 kilometers per second, that’s 560,000 mph. It does a complete revolution about every 200 million years. Thankfully, since we have our own gravity in our tiny green planet, there’s nothing to worry about.


Granted, during the beginning of the article there are endless facts about the cosmos, it’s only safe to say that there are more than a few wtf facts regarding this subject. If you’re that curious into knowing more about the universe you need only to read on or wait for my next post.