7 Things Your Podiatrist Wants You To Know About Your Feet

We are all hard on our feet, by taking at least 8.000 steps a day, so honestly, how much break do you give them? The golden rule is, if you feel like there is something wrong with your feet, then there probably is, and you should visit your podiatrist. If you do not have a podiatrist in mind, you can visit ModPod Podiatry.

  1. Don’t walk barefoot in a public shower

This is one of the most often reasons people catch infections or fungus, because such things spread in humid and wet places, like the shower floors. You should have your own slippers when taking a public shower, as they will protect your feet from a lot of bacteria that reside on the bathroom floor. In addition, you should take extra care when drying your feet after the shower too.

Avoid walking barefoot in any public enclosure, especially showers

  1. Your feet can tell us a lot

Did you know, that just by looking at your feet, a podiatrist is able to look at your overall health? For example, if your toe-hairs have suddenly disappeared, leaving your skin to get thinner and shiner, this means that you suffer from a poor circulation that is activated by a buildup of the plaque in the leg arteries; also known as PAD, the peripheral arterial disease.

  1. The length of your toes matters

If you have a shorter first toe than your second, you have an increased risk of having hammertoes, bunions, and even problems with your back. The big toe is the one that should handle the most pleasure, but in such cases, the second toe will lay flat, causing it to bend in an abnormal way. If this has happened to you, please visit podiatrist Sydney CBD like ModPod Podiatry.

  1. Toenail fungus does not just go away

The fungus on your toenail might cause you to have a discolored nail, and they can make your nail much thicker. Even if you take antifungal drugs or apply creams, and your nail clears up, there is a huge chance that the bacteria will come back.

  1. Your feet are getting bigger

Even if you do not put weight on them, there is a huge chance that your feet have grown at least half-size in the past 10 years. As we age, our feet become both wider and longer, because the ligaments and tendons that are link the tiny bones lose their elasticity.

If you feel any kind of pain in your feet, visit a podiatrist

  1. People with diabetes need to take care of their feet better

If you suffer from diabetes, you should already know the risks that come with that, and one of them is problems with your feet. You should check your feet daily for blisters, and sore spots, just in case to be safe.

  1. Deodorant can help you

The same kind of roll-on that you would use to prevent your armpits from sweating, you can use to prevent foul smell of your feet that is usually cause by sweat. However, excessive sweating or odor of your feet that does not go away might be the cause of an underlying issue, so make sure to visit your podiatrist.

Final word

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to make sure that your feet are healthy, and you can do this easily. Visit your podiatrist if you feel like there is something wrong, or you are experiencing any discomfort or pain in your feet. This is very important, so do not avoid something inevitable, and take proper care of your feet.