5 Ways You Can Save Money When Hiring a Skip

If you are doing any kind of renovation project, decluttering your home or tidying up your garden you will probably end up hiring a skip. Many people see skip hire in Manchester or anywhere else for that matter as a necessary evil mainly due to the cost. However, many people pay more than they need to when they hire a skip due to the fact they do little or no research beforehand. This results in them choosing a skip that may be either too big or small or just unsuitable for your needs which will lead to you paying more than you need to. However, when it comes to hiring a skip, there are many ways to save money. In this article, we will look at 5 of the things you can do to ensure you don’t overspend on your next skip. 

By taking advantage of the tips in this article you can help keep the cost of your next skip hire to the absolute minimum. 

Make Sure You Hire the Correct Size Skip

One of the best ways to waste money when hiring a skip is to choose the wrong size. If you hire a skip that is too large you will end up paying for waste disposal space you do not need. Alternatively trying to save money by booking a small skip can backfire if you can’t get everything in and end up having to get another one. Always try and accurately estimate what you need to dispose of and take advice on the capacity of the individual skips. A bit of research will pay off in the long run. 

Think About Sharing a Skip with Your Neighbours 

If you’re looking to save money on your skip hire, one of the best things you can do is share a skip with your neighbours. This will allow you to split the cost between everyone, and you’ll be able to dispose of your waste more efficiently. It will usually be cheaper to hire a larger skip, and this can benefit both parties if you are in need of removing the waste at the same time. Sharing a skip can also help foster good relations and helps reduce the possibility of complaints about noise inconvenience and other things that often come with a renovation. 

Wherever Possible Situate the Skip on your Property

If at all possible you should ensure the skip is on your property and off the road. This is because if you plan to situate a skip on a public highway you will need a permit from the local authority which can cost up to £50. This will obviously not only add to the overall cost of your project but will also make hiring your skip a more long winded process. 

Make Sure You Do Not Overfill Your Skip

It is probably understandable that people will try and get as much as possible into their skip. However, doing this could be counterproductive and actually end up costing you money. When your skip is delivered, always clarify the level load with the driver and make sure you do not exceed it. If you overfill your skip you will either be charged extra, or your skip hire company will remove the excess waste and leave it at your property. The main reason for this is that an overfilled skip becomes dangerous when being transported. 

Make Sure you are Ready When the Driver Arrives  

You should always ensure that there is nothing around that will lead to a delay in delivering your skip. If the skip driver is unable to drop the skip at the appointed place or is kept waiting for any reason at all you could be hit with a waiting charge. 

The things listed above are just five of the ways you can save money on skip hire, but probably the most important thing you can do is ensure you do your research and do some comparisons.