5 Ways IoT Technology Make Hospitals Secure & Eco-Friendly

While technology and the internet are dominating all over the world, it comes with some amazing perks and b benefits. Healthcare and hospital industry is no exception. There are many ways in which the IoT or Internet of things has benefited the hospitals. 

Talking about security, IoT has a huge impact on it. Even the internet of things has helped the hospitals to be more eco-friendly. JD Edwards Solution is one of the best companies that can provide you with the best IoT services for your hospitals. 

The main question is – in what ways has it made the hospitals secure and eco-friendly? Read on to know more.

Five ways IoT has made the hospital more secure and eco-friendly

While the hospital and healthcare staff focus more on the efficiency of workflow and satisfaction of patients, IoT takes care of security and the environment. Here are the 5 ways by which internet of things has improved the security and environment of the hospitals:

1. Surveillance & Camera System

One of the ways by which the IoT can help the hospital to improve its security is by surveillance equipment. You can have camera systems installed everywhere in the hospital. But you need to make sure that it is connected to the IoT devices. 

This can play a vital role in providing top-notch security. The camera systems will monitor all the nooks and corners of the hospitals. In case there is any unauthorized entry anywhere in the building; the security team will be informed and alerted immediately by the internet of things.

2. Access control via IoT

Just like the previous point, as we talked about, the IoT can also help in providing access or denying access to individuals. If someone is not permitted to enter a certain space or area in the hospital, then the security team will be immediately informed or alerted. 

With the help of the internet of things connected to the access control, the security team can immediately address the situation by locking down space. Once the access control is taken over, the person who was trying to make the unauthorized entry will be stranded. From there, security personnel can take action.

3. Secure way of data transfer

One of the main concerns of the hospital authorities is data breaching. With all malware and growing cybercrimes, the authorities fear that their confidential data will be breached and accessed by hackers. 

Being a healthcare center, they need to ensure that their data are completely safe. JD Edwards offers the best security IoT tools and devices to increase the defense mechanism of your computer systems. This can secure all the confidential data.

4. IoT can save energy

The IoT can help your hospital to be more eco-friendly in nature. As the whole world is getting more and more concerned with global warming, saving energy has become a top-most priority. With the help of the internet of things, the light, usage of power, and HVAC will be automated. 

The system will automatic know when a certain room or space is empty. And if it is so, IoT will help to lower the air conditioning system of that area to the minimum. It can also dim the light or switch off the light when no one is accessing. Once it senses a movement, it will automatically switch on the lights. This can save a lot of energy and make your hospital eco-friendly.

5. HVAC works according to the season

Another way by which IoT technology can help the hospital to be more eco-friendly is by detecting the season. Manual adjustment of the HVAC system or air purification system can be tough. 

You may have to adjust every now and then and every season. But thanks to the internet of things, the temperature, as well as the air quality, can be automatically adjusted depending on the data that are provided by the sensors all around. 

So, if the air quality is not that good, then the air purifier will be turned on to the fullest, while if the temperature is already low due to the chilly weather, the HVAC system will raise the thermostat to reach the optimum temperature.


The IoT, in these five different ways, has helped the hospitals to be more eco-friendly and secure in nature. The main thing is that you need to ensure that you are getting one of the best companies to help you get the right IoT devices and sensors for the building. You can contact JD Edwards for the perfect IoT solutions for your hospital building.