5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Waste Management 

How New Businesses Can Improve Their Waste Management

As a business, your first goal should be to reduce the amount of waste you produce. This is one way of reducing how much you spend on waste disposal.

In most cases, waste management providers like Manningham hard rubbish are simply charging you based on how much waste you produce in your company.  

They could be charging you based on the total number of waste containers they give you or for any overages. Reducing the amount of waste in your business is one way of making your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Here are some ways you can improve waste management in your business and save money:

  1. Conduct a facility audit 

If you want to improve waste management in your company, you should start by looking around your facility. Evaluate the supply chain of all the items that become waste after use. What are some of the consumables you stock?

Can you recycle most of these wastes or change them to compostable? How are the waste bins in your facility positioned? You want to consider these factors most when auditing your business for waste management.

  1. Reduce packaging 

A lot of waste in most companies comes from packaging. Therefore, if you want to reduce the waste in your business, you should evaluate the kind of packaging used in your business. For instance, you can start by eliminating single-use containers. Pepsi-Cola saved up to USD 44 million by switching from single-use corrugated cardboard to reusable plastic shipping.

  1. Ditch bottled water 

Another way of reducing waste in your business is to eliminate bottled water. You can ditch the bottles in favor of glasses and filters. Here is a fact you did not know: The petroleum used in manufacturing water bottles is enough to fuel at least 1 million cars in a year.

Also, bottled water is more expensive and costs more than tap water. If you want to eliminate bottled water in your company, you should start by providing glasses and reusable bottles, and water filters in your company break room.

  1. Go paperless 

With the right technology, you have the opportunity to offer a cheaper and better alternative to using paper. In one of their recent moves, CBRE went paperless and saved money on the real estate required for storage. 

The company was also able to reduce its ongoing printing costs by at least 50 percent. By going paperless, you help your business to save money on printing costs and acquisition of the papers in the first place.

  1. Measure your waste 

You will only improve waste management in your company if you can measure it. You want to ensure your hauler is measuring the waste and calculating the amount of waste you produce per day. 

You can share these results with your staff and make it a challenge for everyone at the workplace to reduce waste. Follow the tips in this article to improve your business waste management and cut cost.