5 Steps To Decorate Your Home

When considering decorating your home, consider these 5 steps and you will never go wrong. Your home decoration needs to reflect your own personal style, coordinate with the architectural elements in your home, and fit your budget.

    1. First impression:

The first impression is people’s memory of you. Most of us don’t think the entrance is an important decorative area. The interior designer disagrees. Most people agree that the entrance or foyer is one of the most important areas in the house to choose the correct accent for home decoration. If done correctly, the whole mood will be set as people gather to connect and socialize. Small things like paying attention to space draw people’s attention to a piece of art or special photos that symbolize the people who live there. The semi-circular demilune console tables in the foyer are placed along the wall, which is great because they soften the straight wall and provide a place for keys or wallets. Architectural Digest is an important resource for viewing accents used in home decoration at the entrance.

  1. Hall style has focus

Straight long corridors are the killer of most families. When you walk into almost all houses in the United States, you will find a straight corridor with only a few family photos and perhaps an artwork. This is a shame. The corridor can be decorated like any other space in the home. First divide the corridor into three parts. One is the area that receives the most attention. The other two parts support the first one. If there is enough space, choose a ventilated table with open legs and a curved top. You want to make the long straight lines of the hall gradually disappear. Place this console in the center of your focal space, and select an odd number of personal photos, wall art or special photos and combine them on top to become the focal point of your home decoration. To complete the look, place a taller decoration on the table as a frame on both sides of the wall decoration cluster. Now you are making a decorative statement.

  1. Home decoration in public living areas

Walking into most furniture stores, you will see vignettes decorated with exquisite household items from top brand manufacturers. You can choose one of these sets and deliver it directly to your home. However, if you want something different, choose an accent table with a unique style. In the world of home decoration, the accent table as a single product can change the overall feeling of the room, as long as it is there. The style of accent tables can range from large Bombay cabinets to small round tables with beautiful inlays or carvings, making them a home decoration.

  1. Restaurant decoration

In the past few years, restaurant furniture and decoration have been elevated to a new level. If you are looking for a dining table and chair set for your kitchen, if you want a more modern environment, you have basic choices such as 48-inch round oak and 50-inch white laminate. Today, you are limited to my own imagination. As interior designers, we welcome this product change and hope you choose the product that best suits your space. A suggestion when choosing a decoration for the dining area, always choose a general theme that matches the kitchen. For many years, decorators like to mix and match styles, colors, and themes at home, but this is not the case. They must work together in the same decorative style.

  1. Personal space decoration

This is where it becomes interesting, your own bedroom. Dream what moves you, relaxes and enjoys the surrounding environment. Good interior designers will ask clients their favorite holidays, memories, or places, and use these types of home decorations as accents. Some people go far enough to plan the entire space around such a theme. In most cases, there is a long way to go. Try artwork or key decorations to bring out the best memories of this type of space. Most people pick up items that they can display on the wall or use as novel decorative items on the table. The most important thing is to keep your preferences. If you like star fish in your home, please use them in your personal space.

If you use 5 secret interior designer skills, your home will present a unique fashion that fully reflects your personal sense of style, and the budget is affordable by anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you make your first impression when visitors enter your home through your entrance, or a lasting memory reflected in your bedroom home furnishing choices. You can contact kings décor for more information.