5 party snacks that are perfect for a movie night

Who doesn’t love to curl up on a comfortable couch with their favourite snacks and their loved ones and binge on the latest exciting movies? Whether it’s an action film or an artsy film or simply a comedy of errors, movie nights are always an exciting time filled with delightful snacks and beverages.

With video streaming channels and devices becoming daily needs, people love to wind their week or night with a film. It relaxes the mind, entertains, and provides a temporary escape from reality too. Movie nights have also become a popular ritual among couples both living together and in long-distance relationships as it is a way of spending quality time.

Are you planning a movie night to help relax this weekend or simply spend some quality time with your partner or family? Here is our top 5 movie night snack picks for you to have a wonderful time.

Popcorn and chips

Popcorn and chips are the most popular snacks consumed during movies. We have all craved and relished big boxes of buttery soft popcorn in theatres for years. Bring back that nostalgia and experience by making some delicious popcorn at home.

Want to bring in the spice? Choose from a wide range of chips and namkeen from Bingo chips for salty and spicy chips options that give you a break from plain flavours and satisfy your spice cravings.

Chocolate Brownies

Have time on your hands to prep for movie night? Looking to make things extra special for your loved ones during this time? Bake a wholesome and chocolatey batch of brownies with aashirvaad atta, chocolate chips, sugar, flour, eggs, and vanilla flavouring. These brownies are perfect with ice cream, whipped cream and chopped strawberries and nuts. They are also a great accompaniment to a classic rom-com that makes you teary-eyed and believe in love all over again!

Hot chocolate

Is movie night coinciding with a chilly night at your place? Make it cosy with blankets, throw pillows and a mug of hot chocolate. This classic hot beverage is known to be loved by all and screams comfort and chocolatey decadence. A steaming mug of hot chocolate is suitable for when you are watching a long, drama film or a cosy Christmas movie too as it will comfort you with its warmth.

Digestive Biscuits

For those watching their weight or simply having an issue with spice, or sugary goods and beverages, digestive biscuits are a great option. Since most digestive biscuits are made from whole grains such as wheat, oats and more, they are wholesome for the body. They generally also contain nuts, raisins and chocolate chips to keep things interesting while still being healthy. So if you are trying to keep fit but craving a snack during movie time, make sure to keep some digestive biscuits around!

Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are a favourite snack to have on nights when you crave something other than a home-cooked meal. Instant noodles can be made within 5-7 minutes, require minimal effort to make and are everyone’s favourite. If you’re looking for a filling snack during the movie night and cant feel satisfied with just chips and popcorn, then try making a bowl of hot, soupy instant noodles and you’re all set! This snack is a must-have for masala films or comedies!

While these are our top 5 picks for movie night snacks, do let us know which are yours. To explore more such snack options online check out ITC Store.