5 Engagement Band Designs That Couples May Consider


Many couples today opt to customize their wedding bands as per their liking. So, they want a trustworthy jeweler to turn their ideas into two perfect couple rings that suit their interests. If you also want to design your own engagement ring, look no further than Gemrize. We ensure that your vision turns into a reality that you don on your fingers with pride.

However, confusion arises when it comes to choosing the right design. With so many design choices available today, it can be overwhelming to pick one specific design. But generally, brides prefer more elaborate and intricate designs, whilst grooms like modest designs.

The most common metals for him and her identical engagement bands are gold, platinum, and silver. However, gold is the most popular choice out of all three metals. Most would-be couples also like a wedding band with a diamond stone.

If we specifically talk about the brides, they often want a stylish diamond ring to flaunt on their fingers. So, it is best to know each other’s choices and then come to a conclusion.

If you want to know what are the modern engagement ring designs today, here are the 5 options you may consider:

  1. Three Stone Rings

The three-stone rings are an ideal option when choosing matching engagement rings. These rings are meaningful and beautiful at the same time. It boasts three stones, representing the past, present, and future. It also interprets now, always, and forever. If you like the meaning behind these rings, it’s best to choose such eternity bands as engagement rings.

  1. Princess Cut Bands

Engagement rings with square-shaped stones are quite popular among couples these days. These bands are called the princess cut in the jewelry industry. When fitted properly, these stylish stones give the impression of a bigger stone. 

  1. Classic Wedding Bands

The classic gold band is popular worldwide for engagement bands and it never goes out of fashion. The flat wedding bands in gold or platinum are timeless and offer a sophisticated and sleek appearance. These bands can also be decked up with small diamond stones.

  1. Colored Gemstone Rings

Another stylish option for matching engagement rings is colored gemstone bands. The jewels may complement the ring while reflecting its worth in their lives. Furthermore, you can customize the design and pattern of gemstone rings as per your preferences and style.

  1. Duos Rings

Another prominent trend among modern couples for engagement rings is the duos rings. These rings are unique but match his and her design. These rings represent the groom’s toughness and the bride’s elegance. It also represents the couple’s preferences and thoughts and is in sync.

Get Your Custom Engagement Ring At Gemrize

Just like bespoke diamond earrings, we offer a plethora of engagement ring designs to couples. If you have something specific in mind or need a particular design for your engagement ring, get in touch with us now. We ensure that your engagement bands match your preference while symbolizing a strong bond and dedication to each other.