4 Things to Do Before Selling Your Car

Did you know that every year over 3 million cars are sold?

And that number is just for the auto industry. Private car sales are no doubt higher. It’s safe to say that there’s a buyer for almost any car – yours included.

If you’re looking into selling your vehicle, there are a few steps you need to take first. Doing so will make the process easier. Keep reading to learn the steps you must take before you sell a vehicle.

1. Get Your Paperwork

The first step of the selling process is to gather the required documents related to your vehicle. This includes any service records, the title of the vehicle, and paperwork from the original sale. Having these documents ready will make selling your car easier.

Plus, having a copy of the service records is a good way to indicate to potential buyers that you have kept your vehicle serviced.

2. Fix It Up

Prior to selling your car, give it a thorough cleaning and conduct any easy repairs. Vacuum and shampoo the carpets. Give it a thorough wash – make your car shine to potential buyers – literally.

Some other easy fixes you can do is to get work tires or brakes replaced, fix any broken lights or chipped glass, and remove stickers and magnets. If there are bigger repairs that need to be done, you can either address those ahead of the sale or sell your car “as is” at a reduced price.

Don’t forget to check for any personal items and remove them too.

3. Get It Detailed

Consider getting it professionally detailed. This will include a very thorough cleaning of the interior.

Detailing the exterior includes removing dirt and grease from the rims, wheels, windows, and tires. It may also include getting a paint job to restore your car’s paint job to its previous glory.

4. Decide How You Are Going to Sell It

Decide how you want to sell your car. You can trade it in, go for an instant cash offer, or sell it yourself.

Trading in your vehicle can be faster and more convenient than a traditional sale. It’s also a good option if you know you want to buy another vehicle to replace your current one.

You can also sell it to a dealership for an instant cash offer. Like trading it in, this can be quick and convenient, without the hassles of a private sale.

Many dealers, such as Bidlane, allow you to sell your car within minutes, provided you make an appointment first. During your appointment, someone will inspect your vehicle. Then an offer will be made, and the paperwork will be completed.

Finally, you can sell it yourself. This method can take longer, and you have to deal with negotiating with buyers. However, you can save money and avoid any dealership costs and may be able to sell your vehicle for more money – if you’re patient.

The Steps to Selling Your Vehicle

If you plan on selling your vehicle, these tips will make the selling process easier for you. Make sure you have your paperwork together, get your vehicle thoroughly cleaned and detailed, get any necessary repairs done, and decide how you want to sell it.

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