4 Indicators of a Good E-Commerce Agency

Hiring an e-commerce agency is not as straightforward as it seems. If you do not know what you are looking for, you will find that agencies you are vetting will lead up to an evaluation process that is skewed in their favour. By the time you are finished reading this article, you will be optimally prepared to appraise whether your eCommerce agency Sydney will be able to deliver the desired results required for the long-term success of your business.

What are the online shopping habits of Sydneysiders?

Sydneysiders are a considerable part of the Australian statistic who are shopping online. This preference is more apparent in younger people. According to data, 60% of Aussies in the age range of 18 to 25 years old and 57% of those in the 26 to 35-year-old range purchase online more frequently.

The e-commerce agency constantly delivers client success

It is the most critical consideration when hiring an e-commerce agency. The best eCommerce agency Sydney out there must have the potential to provide predictable outcomes for your business. One indicator of their suitability to your brand is their track record in achieving goals for other brands similar to yours.

An agency you choose to collaborate with should have the expertise necessary to back up their claims and deliver optimum returns on your investment. You must ask the agency to provide you with proof of what you can expect if you hire them.

Tech skills

A certain amount of technical skills is required in e-commerce marketing. The agency you are considering must have a thorough understanding of the platform you are running. Technical skills are necessary and can spell the difference between a winning day of sales and a broken site that will take several hours or even days to repair.

It is where the experience of working with other e-commerce brands plays a critical role. Overall, the better they know the workings of your platform, the better they can enhance marketing and growth opportunities.

Your audience and visitors in Sydney must have a seamless experience on your website. Sydneysiders enjoy purchasing products online, especially home products such as furniture, homeware, and decor. Online shopping among Sydneysiders and the rest of Australia has increased by 2.7% compared to four years ago.

Persuasive portfolio

An e-commerce marketing agency should present a portfolio that exhibits the work they have done for their previous clients. It should be prominently displayed on their website, giving effortless access to work examples to brands like yours.

It is crucial to check the most recent examples of their work and be sure to ask questions. An agency with a proven track record will understand how to meet your requirements and quickly provide answers to help make your decision easier. For example, they may have a business strategist to assist you in clarifying goals and help you understand how the agency can help you achieve them.

Best practices

An effective e-commerce agency will follow its distinct variation of best practices in the industry. Best practices are known since they work, but an innovative team will have adapted them to match the strengths and capabilities of its members.

They will also base the best practices on their particular ability to deliver client’s goals. Rather than following something widely regarded as best practices to the letter, a smart agency will factor in their results and adapt their strategies to deliver optimal results.

It is crucial that your business online provides a premium experience for your Sydney online shoppers. Currently, there is an increased engagement in online purchases, which has grown by 57% in the country. Sydney is a massive part of the Australian statistic that spent a record $ 50 billion on online shopping.