3 Things You Should Know About Cadmium Exposure

Do you work in drilling, sanding, recycling, construction, or a similar industry? If so, you need to be aware of cadmium exposure and how it could affect your well-being.

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is quite similar to zinc and mercury on a chemical level. But exposure to cadmium over long periods of time can cause complications that can be hazardous to your health.

Read on as we talk about the three things you should know about cadmium exposure. It’ll help illustrate just how harmful the cadmium exposure health effects could potentially be.

1. Cadmium Can Be Both Inhaled and Swallowed

Unfortunately, cadmium exposure isn’t all that uncommon for those who work in certain industries like the ones that we just mentioned. There is a chance that cadmium dust and/or fumes could be in the air surrounding you almost all the time if you work in one of these industries.

Because of this, you can both inhale and swallow cadmium without even realizing it. It’s why you need to take every possible precaution to prevent exposure to cadmium.

2. It Can Result in Everything From Kidney Damage to Death

If you do happen to be exposed to cadmium at any point, even just a small amount of it can do some serious damage. It can lead to you having to deal with:

In some rare cases, those who are exposed to cadmium might even face death. You should, therefore, do everything in your power to prevent cadmium from entering your body through either your nose or mouth.

3. It Can Be Prevented

The good news for those who are going to work around cadmium on a regular basis is that cadmium exposure can be prevented. You don’t have to let cadmium put your health and possibly even your life at risk.

For starters, you can prevent cadmium exposure by signing up for a cadmium safety training online course. It’ll set you up with the necessary OSHA cadmium training and ensure that you aren’t allowing any cadmium to get into your body.

You might be surprised to see how much you can learn during online OSHA training. It’ll make cadmium exposure a lot less of a concern and allow you to focus on doing your job without a care in the world.

Don’t Let Cadmium Exposure Take a Toll on Your Health

Even if you’re only exposed to small amounts of cadmium at work, it could still take a massive toll on you. It might not be long before you’re having to seek medical treatment for kidney and lung problems.

You can get around these problems by taking the right approach to cadmium exposure. You can also do it by putting your OSHA training to good use so that you don’t have to let cadmium exposure keep you down.

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