3 Conditions And Benefits You Can Get From Recognition Of Prior Learning

Whether you’re a retired professional or want to recognise all your skills, certifications are the necessary intermediaries. No matter which industry you’re in, verifying your skills through reputed institutions helps in creating a career path.

RPL Courses or Recognition of Prior Learning curriculum ease the job hunt process for every candidate. The certification is legitimate proof of the skillset you pride yourself in.

If you’re someone who’s navigating their way through the career land, help for you is on the way.

What is the Eligibility to Receive The Certification?

In the middle of the fiercely competitive world, receiving a headstart to your career seems like a boon.

Guess what!? The RPL Courses offer you the same comfort through credit-based learning.

With that being said, you need to fulfil certain conditions before enrolling on the course!

Condition 1: You must have a Grade 12 English Certificate

Since most of your learning would happen in the mode of English, you must be well versed in the language.

Condition 2: You need to show proof of relevant working experience in the industry

From testimonials to the published article, you must carry a portfolio to showcase the range of talent you possess. Even though your learning allows certification through a simple assessment, you must exhibit the expertise to avail the benefits.

Condition 3: You must commit a fraction of weekly time expenditure

The certification requires you to devote 6 months of your academic journey. Additionally, it’s a mandate to make yourself available throughout the course else the contract will lapse.

You wouldn’t want to miss your revamped entry into the labour market, would you?

What Are The Benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning is a chance for you to get your skills, training and work experience acknowledged in entirety. On top of the enhanced productivity, your match with the right opportunity will have more compatibility than before.

But that’s not it!

You will get:

Formalisation of Non-Formal Learning

The best part about the assessment is its capacity to take into account the learning without emphasising the mode. Essentially, all your informal knowledge accumulation and training find a way to accentuate your career graph through verification.

Better Earning Opportunities

Call it lack of skills or poor job hunting, eligible candidates with proof of qualification are always acing the job race.

Not anymore! The recognition with certification will ensure that you excel in the industry you’ve received the qualification in.

Global Recognition

With a learning proof recognising competence as per global metrics, your qualifications will find themselves at par with international standards.

The simple assessment-recognition process can land you amidst the multinational working professionals.

Quicker Qualification Process

The conventional route of acquiring the proof for your skillset would require you to spend a year or more. However, the entire process of the assessment takes merely six months to complete.

If you want to align your learning outcomes through skill recognition of international stature, the course is the best way to go! Essentially, RPL is a blessing for those with experience in the industry but can’t show valid qualification proof.

Whether you have a formal, non-formal or informal previous experience, get ready to have better opportunities and better pay!