3 circumstances when you need an injury lawyer in Florida

Following a freak accident in Florida, you may have a bunch of questions to wonder about. Why didn’t the other driver hit the brake? Was the driver drunk? Did the weather conditions have an impact on the other party’s actions? Investigating an accident, no matter whether it’s a car crash or a slip & fall mishap comes with inherent challenges. The question here is whether you need to engage an attorney for the case. If you want to understand your claim better, consider consulting an experienced local attorney in Florida. You can read more about this online or check the websites of top law firms. Below are some circumstances when hiring a lawyer becomes more necessary.

When liability is disputed

Some personal injury lawsuits are more complicated than others. For instance, a truck accident may have multiple parties at fault. What if the loading service overloaded the vehicle? Is the trucking company responsible for hiring an inexperienced trucker? What if the trucker was drunk? If there is no clarity on how the accident happened or who was responsible for it, consider hiring an attorney.

When you are being blamed for your injury

This is a common tactic that insurance companies typically use to deny claims. If the claims adjuster or the other party claims that you are partly responsible for the accident and have no right to get a settlement, speak to an attorney. Insurance teams have their ways and means to deny and delay claims, and you need an expert who can counter these attacks.

When you have sustained traumatic injuries

If the insurance company knows that you have suffered traumatic injuries or a permanent disability, they will do their best to deny the claim and downplay your injuries. Settlements for such cases tend to be on the higher side, and it is important to fight more aggressively. An attorney can help negotiate the settlement that will cover your medical costs and other losses in the present and the future.

Get the right lawyer

Not all tort cases are the same, and it is necessary that you hire an attorney who has worked on similar cases. Check the profile of the lawyer and discuss the facts of the case in person. Lawyers don’t usually charge a fee for the case analysis, and if they agree to take your lawsuit, they will only get a payment when you win. You have no reason to step back from seeking legal counsel.