How to Create a TikTok Resume for Your Next Job Hunt

Now you can create TikTok resume videos and search for jobs on the platform. Let’s find out how it’s done!

Getting Started

Go to TikTok and check out resume example videos posted by your friends and others. For easy searching use the hashtag #TikTokResumes. This will give you an idea about what to do.

When recording your TikTok resume video, keep the following safety guidelines in mind:

  • Just use your first name.
  • Make sure your background is clear. There shouldn’t be anything that will reveal your address.
  • Don’t share your phone number, email address, or other personal information in the video.

 Greenscreen is all you need

The greenscreen feature can help hide what’s behind you. It’s the best way to keep your background hidden. The good thing about the greenscreen is that it is editable. You can use the greenscreen to showcase your experience and educational qualifications.

Creating a resume video on TikTok doesn’t require you to be a creative expert. You can be a teacher or an engineer and still make a successful video. Just make sure to put something useful and informative into the background of your clip.

You can insert your graduation pictures, social content created by you, photos of you at work, professional events that you have attended, and more. 

Get your audience’s attention

You must come up with something unique and creative to keep your audience engaged. Just talking to the camera is not going to take you anywhere. 

When posting a resume video on TikTok, you want recruiters to remember you. This is only possible when you leave a strong impression on their mind. So you need to get creative with your video. Do everything that it takes to create a crowd-pulling resume video.

Check out a sample TikTok resume script

Keep your TikTok resume video only 30 seconds long. Make sure your speech is short.

Look for job descriptions that match your skills and create a resume video based on that. You should check out some of the sample scripts to get a better idea.

Focus on your visuals

When creating a TikTok resume video, you will want to present yourself in the best way possible. Dress up to create an impression on the people seeing your video.

Use the greenscreen to highlight your education, skills, and other important things about yourself. Also, time the images so they pop up when you talk about them. Take advantage of the features and editing tools available on TikTok to customize the font size, color, text boxes, and more.

Don’t forget your call to action

Assume that your viewers have liked your video. Use that to build up your confidence and mention what you want your viewers to do. This should be mentioned at the end of the video.

Post it 

Once your TikTok resume video is ready, review it a few times to check if everything is fine. After you are satisfied, post it on the platform and wait to get a response. Make sure that your account is public so that employers can see your resume clip.

TikTok resumes might be the future wave. If you are on a job hunt, you must try this method to look for a job. After all, you shouldn’t ignore the power of social media sites like TikTok.