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What’s The Powerful Skill Of All? Is It Asking The Right Questions?

Why kids never stop asking questions? What? Why? How? Is it? Are we?
May be they want to grow? May be this way they try to become better when they grow up?
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by Daikrieg


Why not adopting this approach when we are grown up? Why stop growing? Why stop trying to become better?

That is it! Asking questions is the most important skill for personal growth! But how do I master such skill?

I found few answers on www.SourcesOfInsight.com 

Asking Better Questions

In this post JD reviews Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement where he offers the following guidelines for asking better questions:

  • Ask specifically.
  • Ask someone who can help you.
  • Create value for the person you’re asking.
  • Ask with focused, congruent belief.
  • Ask until you get what you want.

My favorite here is “Ask until you get what you want”. Even when you do not get the answer to your question it actually means a lot. For example, it means you are asking the wrong guy, or you are asking the wrong questions, or…. there is no answer and you need to find out it yourself (my favorite situation).

Choose “How” Questions Over “Why” Questions

In this post, Choose “How” Questions Over “Why” Questions,  JD keeps researching Robbins’ book Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement and he explains in Tony’s words:

Good communicators aren’t interested in rationalizations of why something is going wrong.  They want to find out how to do it right.  The right questions will lead you in that direction.

Love it. Who cares “why”? More important is “how” to accomplish it.

One thought though. I actually do like “why” questions since it helps me better identify the objectives so that I could then focus on “how” questions.

Outcome Questions

In this post JD still sticks to Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement but this time the focus on questions that help identify the outcome, the results vs. the solution. I like it. I actually love it a lot. I witness too often folks are focused on the solution without identifying clearly the outcome. That is sad. It is very sad seeing them investing tons of energy in solution to the problem they do not have.

Precision Questions and Precision Answers

This one is epic. No kidding. JD distills the Precision Questioning and Precision Answering training he took. According to the post there are 7 Categories of Precise Questions:

  • Go / NoGo.  Do we need to talk about this?
  • Clarification.  What do you mean?
  • Assumptions.  What are we assuming?
  • Basic Critical Question.  How do we know this is true?
  • Causes.  What’s causing this?
  • Effects.  What will be the effects?
  • Action.  What should be done?

To tell you the truth as a consultant I used these very effectively to save my time (I effectively save time that I could invest in billable work and then go home at 4:00). My favorite are:

  • Go / NoGo.  Do we need to talk about this?
  • Effects.  What will be the effects?

Usually after such questions the conversation stops and I am free to do other significant work. But there is more to it – read it.

Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” – Anthony Robbins

Self Test

  • Got questions?
  • Think about better question, got some?

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14 January 2009


  • J.D. Meier said:

    Great rundown.

    You’re right – there’s no need to stop growing and questions are the key.

  • alik levin (author) said:

    Thanks for sharing this on yours ;)

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