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What Your Kid Knows About Creativity

I was reading Sheila’s The Importance of Creativity In Education where she pointes to a TED talk by Sir Ken Anderson called Do schools kill creativity?

I listened to the guy. The bell rang in my head when I heard him saying this:

by txd

A child starting to learn today will retire in 2065. What world will look like then?

I couldn’t hold myself back and started to write down simple, sometimes obvious yet super powerful statements from the talk. For example, Sir Ken Anderson tells a story about a girl that pictures a god. A teacher makes a remark that no one knows how god looks like and she replies “They will in a minute”.

People got burnt for similar “sin” in some places or in other times. But kids are not afraid to be wrong. I wish I could completely get rid of such fear. Would you?

Here is another gold one:

If you are not prepared to be wrong – you are not creating original.

Can you argue with this? If you do, keep in mind Einstein’s definition for insanity:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Sir Ken Anderson warns:

We stigmatize mistakes.

Indeed, how often do you hear kids get their dose of preaching for sometimes even naive mistake like writing numbers upside down, breaking a dish, or painting on a wall? I do, I actually commit such sin quite often. And that is a big mistake. That way I commit 2 crimes – first, I hold my kids back from experimenting. Second, I stigmatize mistakes, I teach my kids that mistakes are wrong. How wrong I am! I hold my kids from growing into creativity, what a mistake!

If we do not grow into creativity then we grow out of it.

Too true, you either grow or die – there is no in between. I have learned my lesson. Have you?

Practice This – Get Results

  • Give your kid space to be wrong – let her experiment.
  • Do not stigmatize mistakes – grow your kid’s self esteem.
  • Listen to the TED talk – Do schools kill creativity?

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7 Comments on "What Your Kid Knows About Creativity"

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  1. LisaNewton says:

    I used to try to get my kids to learn from their mistakes, asking them a series of questions. Or maybe just, “what did you learn from this?”

    Learning from mistakes is an important lesson, but when parenting, preventing some mistakes is a necessity. It’s a fine line parents walk.

  2. alik levin says:

    Well said “fine line parents walk”. I liked it 😉

  3. The key to learning from mistakes is not to be made wrong for making the mistake.
    Putting our attention on ability and rightnesses forwards those and not the errors that are common to living life.

  4. alik levin says:

    This is what Sir Ken calls stigmatizing mistakes. 100% with you 😉

  5. When I become a parent I am going to create an atmosphere that is conducive of creativity. I want my children to be able to dream big, and not to be condemned or ‘brought back to earth’ because they are not being practical!

  6. alik levin says:

    These are great aspirations. But remember that setting boundaries important as well. 😉 .
    It’ll help them be part of the community (relates to the stages of Maslow’s Pyramid)

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