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Secret Revealed: The Power to Change Anything

What does it take to change the world? What does it take to change self? What does it take to make others change?  These questions seem completely different. Aren’t they? At first they might. But not after reading the book Influencer: The Power to Change Anything.

In the book  I learned practical and simple pattern of making change, be it little or global.

This is quite timely for me as I was recently assigned to lead a significant mindset change among my colleagues – make all others want blogging on our professional blog. Hell of assignment, huh? Here is the plan.

Change – The Master Plan

The authors of the book offer simple scheme for making change happen:

  Motivation Ability
Personal Make the undesirable desirable Surpass your limits
Social Harness peers pressure Find strength in number
Structural Design rewards and accountability Change the Environment

I like the breakdown and it seems very reasonable and common sense to me.  Here is my interpretation of this scheme:

  • Personal: Want to surpass your limits? – Make the undesirable desirable
  • Social: Want to multiply your strength? – Harness peers peers pressure.
  • Structural: Want to make the change? – design reward and accountability.

Sounds good to me, the question is How?

J.D. helped me with his distillation from the book and related training:

Make My Teammates Want Blogging Plan

Publishing on corporate blog should help market our services we sell. As a consultant I have sympathy to this, nothing more. I am technical consultant – not a marketing guy. So in fact I do not really care about it. If marketing guys suck then fire them and hire better ones, right? No!

On other hand blogging became a serious marketing weapon lately. It’s power lays in offering value, not marketing high level stuff. It’s hard for me to imagine a marketing guy blogs about how to solve specific problem – something consultant lives and breathes. Are we in the dead end? Not sure.

How do you motivate a consultant to start blogging? WIIFM [What’s In It For Me], right? What’s in corporate blogging for a consultant? Nothing, unless it helps him grow personally. And if it helps him grow personally efficiently he is hooked, right?

My plan is simple – motivate consultant to surpass his limits by helping him to unleash a blogger inside. If I help a consultant to deal efficiently with the following issues I think there is a chance.

  • How to find time for blogging?
  • How to quickly find the topic to blog about
  • How to quickly write the post?
  • How to quickly weed out less important stuff and leave only the meat?
  • How to write scannable posts that people like reading/scanning/bookmarking?
  • How to enjoy from blogging?

What’s your take?

Practice This – Get Results

  • Connect on personal level, identify WIIFM – motivate, do not dictate
  • Offer value – it’s the currency of Influence Without Authority
  • Share efficient techniques – everyone loves getting more with less.

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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    It’s a pretty serious model for real results. The beauty is you know where you are stuck or where you need to apply more elbow grease or change your approach entirely.

  2. alik levin says:

    Back to practice, yesterday I announced to the team, time will show the results :)

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