Responsible For Dream Fulfillment

Do you have a dream? I bet you do, me either. What about those that surround you, do they have their dreams too? No doubt. Who’s responsible for their dream to come true?


You are responsible for their dream fulfillment.

by mikelens

Matthew Kelly poses an interesting question in his book The Dream Manager:

“Isn’t one of the primary responsibilities of all relationships to help each other fulfill our dreams?”

I say “Yes”, it is.

In every interaction I reflect on what I do and try to see the other party as a customer, I try to constantly reflect on myself – “Am I offering this customer the best experience?”.

Today I am better than yesterday

The result was amazing:

  • My kids get their daddy more often and with full attention. Their biggest wish is having their parents to spend more time with them. Not just be but interact.
  • My wife gets more attention. Less transactions, more meaningful conversations, and more positive emotions. We both noticed our interactions become transactional lately. We wished to seize our passion and our love back, just like it was 10 years ago. And we seize it back now.
  • My managers and co-workers … I realized I made few serious mistakes. Now I know what to improve.

I think that today I am a better person than yesterday. I help making other people make their dream come true, and they help me to make mine to come true in response.

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4 Comments on "Responsible For Dream Fulfillment"

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  1. Vered says:

    “My kids get their daddy more often and with full attention. Their biggest wish is having their parents to spend more time with them. Not just be but interact.”

    Very true. Kids need our attention. You sound like an amazing dad. :)

    I like the idea of people helping each other achieve our dreams. I was expecting you to say that each person is in charge of making her own dream come true. You totally surprised me here.

  2. alik levin says:

    Thanks for nice comment! It surprised me too.
    I started to behave differently and i notice immediate results.

  3. blogrdoc says:

    very inspiring post!

  4. alik levin says:

    one of the best comments i ever had. See? it is easy to make my dream come true 😉

    I continued to read the book today and i drop few tears… it touched me so deep.

    I might sound too drastic but it really moved me a lot.

    – 4 hour work week book was a wake up call
    – Raving fans… book was solidarity
    – The Dream Manager is the REBORN of myself.

    P.S. Please open comments on your blog back. While folks can do interact w/you it holds them back from interacting with each other. Even though there is no direct interaction there is indirect one. I read others’ comments for example and if i see insightful comment i go to check owner’s blog. You are connector. You help other bloger dream to come true – get promoted. Steve is a rock star, he once replied to comments when he was not, but when it was all over the board he stopped.

    Comments or no comments

    When I began this blog, I started out with comments enabled. As traffic grew, so did the level of commenting. Some days there were more than 100 comments. I noticed I was spending more and more time managing comments, and I began to question whether it was worth the effort. It became clear that with continued traffic growth, I was going to have to change my approach or die in comment hell.

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