Make Your Message Sticky And You Might Tip

How do you convince your boss to buy in with new idea? How do you carry out the main message of your presentation? How do you make your blog readers read your blog?

You make your messages sticky.

by Or Hiltch

I was reading J.D. Meier’s Six Principles of Sticky Ideas that he distilled from Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. And it related to me a lot. The principles are:

  • Principle 1. Simplicity
  • Principle 2. Unexpectedness
  • Principle 3. Concreteness
  • Principle 4. Credibility
  • Principle 5. Emotions
  • Principle 6. Stories

It related to me since I was blogging on Basic Skills For Effective Public Speaking and on Glue Audience To Your Presentation With ZoomIt that are just about that – how to make your message to stick.

It related to me since I am on my quest to reach the Tipping Point. Sticky Message is one of the main ingredients to reach the Tipping Point according to Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. The ingredients are:

  • The law of a few. Which is about getting to know:
    • Connectors (think of Darren Rowse).
    • Mavens (think of Leo Babauta and Skellie for writing and Chris Pearson for WordPress and SEO – OMG, just seen he has Google’s PageRank of 7!).
    • Salesmen (all of us, the underdog bloggers, who comment on their blogs, and link to them from ours).
  • The stickiness factor. Read this post from the start.
  • The power of context. Context matters. You can be connected, backed by good mavens, and armed by an army of salesmen. Out-of-context-ness will kill you.

Continuing blogging theme, the recipe for killer blog would be:

  • Make friends with Darren.
  • Follow Leo’s and Skeillie’s tips on writing and Chris’ tips on SEO.
  • Pick your niche and stick with it.

Nothing new but it only proves that The Tipping Point theory works and that there are recipes for each ingredients. Here is a live example. Shilpan has made it in 3 months with Success Soul blog. The blog has rank of 42 on Technorati. I think it is very nice achievement for such young blog. Have you seen the number of comments there?

Got sticky message?

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This blog is dedicated to share simple practices I that get me results.

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  1. Veredv says:

    Agree that Shilpan is awesome.

    Have issues with sticking to a niche – I am interested in lots of things and am wiling to periodically lose subscribers when I write about stuff that’s supposedly out of my niche (like finance).

    I guess you just need to decide what’s more important to you – writing what you want to write, or writing what your readers want to read. Whatever you choose, there will be a price to pay – you just need to decide which is more important to you.

  2. alik levin says:

    Vered – you are special.
    You did not pick up your niche from the predefined list but created your own. Your tag line is your sticky message that sets the right expectation. I remember that post where you redefined it a bit.
    See, no issues. You got your own niche – mommyblogger wannabe. You are mom, you are blogger, you want to grow, you share.
    I read once somewhere that goes similar to this “you better be first in your category. The best if you are the only one.” Or something like this. I think it was “The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding”. It truly relates to you I think.

    Back to sticky message:
    • Principle 1. Simplicity <--- I read your blog regularly. I enjoy reading it since it is simple read • Principle 2. Unexpectedness <--- you are full of surprises • Principle 3. Concreteness <--- while you throw philosophic twists here and there, your posts are very concrete. • Principle 4. Credibility <--- you are very authentic • Principle 5. Emotions <--- you tackle topics that gets folks connected emotionally. Like sexual abuse on facebook • Principle 6. Stories <--- you are fantastic story teller. See, you got your sticky message across very well. No wonder you have your readership and comments participation. Including truly yours. And I am happy for you

  3. alik levin says:

    Vered. Another thing is connectors. See what Shilpan was doing? Guest posting on top blogs. It is connector thing.

    You have a sticky message.
    You have a greate context.
    You have salesmen (us, who give you link love).

    Want to tip? Get yourself a connector. Or in other words guest post on top blogs.

  4. Jimmy May, Aspiring Geek says:

    Alik, one of the things I appreciate about your posts is the level of integration. Your cross-references are relevant & they document your keen analysis. This one is not only no exception, this post epitomizes it! Thanks for the great insights!

  5. alik levin says:

    My blog integration needs improvement like everything with me but it surely lacks one big thing to be perfect.
    And it is the URL for your new blog. Can I get it yet?!
    Thanks for such nice comment

  6. Alik –

    I’m humbled for the reference. As a matter of fact, we both are thinking on the same line. I just left a comment on Chris’s blog related to blog growth. I agree with you that most of my blog growth has been due to few things.

    1) Friends like you and Vered coming and leaving a comment on every post.
    2) I have made habit of finding new blogs and leaving comment on those since new bloggers are hungry for interaction. That helps with comments.
    3) Biggest one is the guest posting without a doubt. I’ve almost tripled the traffic and subscription with guest posting and knowing key bloggers like Peter, Leo, Alex Shalman, Alex Blackwell and others.

    You have a great talent to analyze and decipher the code of success..


  7. alik levin says:

    Thanks for nice words.
    It is nothing to do w/talent. I just started to read books and listen to those who are in the know.
    Then I practice this. :)

  8. Vered says:

    Wow. I am so…. FLATTERED!

    Thank you.

    I guess it’s true: the next step would be guest posts on other blogs. I need to think about it… I really enjoy creating my own blog – not so sure I would enjoy the process of guest posting, even if it will bring me more traffic/ subscribers.

    I also had a request from someone to guest post on my little blog – can you imagine that! – but I had to turn her down b/c her style wasn’t “right” for MomGrind. So, even though having someone write a guest post on my blog would have looked great on my bloggy resume, it just didn’t feel right, if you KWIM.

    Anyway. I’m going to email Shilpan and ask him about it.

    Thanks again Alik, you are AWESOME.

  9. Gotta give creds to Shilpan for exposing me to more bloggers around the world.

    I’ve also started by reading Darren’s ProBlogger, Leo’s ZenHabits, and Skellie’s blog (found through FreelanceSwitch).

    Hands up to them if ya think they are cool. :)

    This post sure has the sticky effect with the introduction paragraphs before the image. Great work there Alik!


  10. alik levin says:

    Thanks for nice words.
    I follow simple blog post template I’ve “mastered” over time. It is easy to refactor it from my posts – they are similar in layout.
    If you are using Windows Live Writer (WLW) for authoring your posts – you might appreciate my little WLW Blog Post Template Plugin that improves productivity for those who stick with common post layouts like me.
    you can find it here

    Tell me if you like/hate it.

  11. Marelisa says:

    Hi Alik: I love how you’ve applied “The Tipping Point” to blogging. “Problogger” wrote about the moment in which things “tipped” for several different popular bloggers a few days ago, did you see that post? Shilpan’s blog is 43 on technorati? Wow, go Shilpan!

  12. Sara says:

    I think when it comes down to it, there are millions of ways to get to the tipping point, but you’ve outlined the most likely and reliable way. And your dead-on about other bloggers being salesman. It’s unglamorous work, but someone’s got to do it. 😉

  13. alik levin says:

    Sara, every connector once was salesman… until she reached the tipping point and become a connector/maven … Keep selling and reach yours 😉

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