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Leaders’ Work

I was reading Becoming a Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-Solving Approach by Gerald M. Weinberg where he shares practical advices and lessons he learned for those who wants to lead.

I particularly loved the following lesson:

Lesson Number Ten: If you are a leader, the people are your work. There is no other work worth doing.

Leader, Practice This

If you are a leader these can help you do your work:

  • Ask your people "do you have a dream?".
  • The Carrot Is Mightier Than A Stick.
  • Let your team play, make it a game.
  • Build vulnerability based trust.
  • Emotional intelligence is your friend. Park your emotions.
  • Partner with your people. Do not just direct.
  • Affirm accomplishments of your people – personally and publicly. Brag about your team!
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2 Comments on "Leaders’ Work"

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  1. Alik,
    Thanks for posting that quote. It’s one of my favorites, too.

  2. alik levin says:

    Jerry, thank you for your great books!

    Read “Weinberg on writing”, now “Leadership”.
    “Consulting” is on my list next.

    Good stuff.

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