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How To Install Free Games On Windows Phone 7

I kept my promise and got my daughter Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 device. The next question was – “How do I install games?”

It took me quite some time to realize how to do so.

Here is the sequence:

  • First I needed to logon on the web to using my hotmail account. The same account I used to configure hotmail on the phone. This is key step. Failure to complete it prevent you from downloading anything. I burnt few hours just to realize it..
  • Next I needed to tap on the Marketplace tile on the phone.
  • While in the Marketplace, select games from the list.
  • On the the games page, choose free on the upper side. If it is hidden, slide it until you see it grayed out, then tap on it so it turns black.
  • You should see the list of free games.
  • Tap on any of your choice, after it is displayed on its own page, it should show install button at the bottom after few seconds. Tap on it and wait until it downloads.
  • To run the game, either go to start page with tiles and slide it right so you see the whole list of everything installed. If it is not there, go to XBOX LIVE tile and look for installed game there.


Sometime tapping on Marketplace gets you back to the start page. The workaround was restarting the phone.

Have fun.

Preparing myself mentally to see my first bill. I kinda expect that not only free games are going to be installed… Oh well. Kids…

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2 Comments on "How To Install Free Games On Windows Phone 7"

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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    Now I just need a phone :)

  2. alik levin says:

    JD, you do not need it, trust me. I have simple Nokia dumb phone and my life simple and inexpensive 😉
    Oh, and BTW – it rings, receives calls, and I can call anyone too. And text.
    I used to have one and my life turned into something similar to this
    If you do not fall in this trap in first place – no one needs to save you…

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