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How To Find Motivation From Within

Jason AnthonyEditor’s note: this is a guest post by Jason Anthony of

Have you ever had that dull feeling or lack of ambition that keeps you from getting much accomplished?

Sometimes one of the most difficult things we can do as individuals is gather up enough drive for a particular task, let alone bottle it and take it with us for the long haul.

Whether its a simple chore around the house or working towards your lifelong goals, motivation gives you the push that is needed to get it done. Ramping it up is like adding horsepower to your internal engine. It gives you the power to achieve and make the switch from good to great.

If you wish to refine and develop your life, part of doing so is understanding the important and direct impact that motivation has on the results you achieve.

Why The Desire Has Deserted You

There are many internal and external reasons for not having the energy to push on and tackle your tasks with the energy that we’d like.

In dealing with yourself it could be a self-esteem or belief issue. Fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs can also play a significant role. I’ve personally faced problems in that area when I sat on the fence for a few years before finally deciding to get proactive with my personal and professional life.

Stress, anxiety, and nerves are something we’ve all dealt with at one point or another and are typical when it comes to eating away at your inclination to excel.

On the external front, many of us have extremely busy lives and delicate circumstances to deal with on a daily basis. School, work, children, finances and the economy, you name it! Sometimes it all piles up leaving you with that overwhelmed and disillusioned sense that it’s “never going to end.”

Making The Adjustments And Finding Inspiration

1) Identify the issue. The number one solution for overcoming a lack of motivation is becoming aware of the characteristic(s) holding you back. It could potentially be more than one, but the only way to get beyond them is to identify what they are, so that you can work towards a solution.

You can’t find an answer without knowing what the problem is and a great way to solve a problem is by eliminating the root cause.

2) Discover your compelling reason. Inspiration is another key factor in finding enthusiasm and motivation. Big or small, you’ve got to have a reason to move and take action.

Ask yourself how clear your goals and dreams are. Are they defined? If they’re comprehensive and impactful then you’ll surely see the reason for getting behind them with all you’ve got.

3) Consider taking a time out. Now, if you’re able to plan a trip or vacation to clear your head, great! But sometimes that’s just not practical or manageable right away so the next best thing you can do is take an internal vacation.

Just clear some time, any amount, to sit back and relax. Breathe. Grant yourself the ability to let it all go momentarily and focus on yourself and what you can do for you. Its a very simple exercise but can mean the difference between your breaking point and regathering the strength to make it to the finish line.

A super-charged life is much easier than you think with a few adjustments! It is my sincere hope that in your quest to accomplish your goals and define your dreams that these simple ideas and philosophies might make some sense or trigger an idea to help you along the way.


Jason Anthony is the founder of EvenMinds. He shares time-tested principles and ideas with others so they might be inspired to design an extraordinary life for themselves. Visit today to learn about the difference between good and great.

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6 Comments on "How To Find Motivation From Within"

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  1. Jason Anthony says:

    Thanks, Alik! It is an honor to share here on Practice This!

  2. alik levin says:

    You are welcome. Nice tight and actionable writeup. Thank you for sharing your experience here.

  3. Shilpan says:

    I like takeaways from this article. To me, 1) understanding internal(controllable) & external(uncontrollable) reasons & 2) to identify the root cause of lack of motivations are two prime focus areas to regroup my thoughts on how to recharge my mind with motivation. I enjoyed this succinct yet very effective article on motivation.

  4. J.D. Meier says:

    Knowing the issues, having a compelling reason, and taking a time out is sound advice.

    The most important tool for me is connecting to my values. For example, I’m a continuous learner so if I can connect what I do to learning, growing, and expanding, then it’s a win for me. I don’t depend on carrots and sticks. I focus on finding my drive from the inside out.

  5. Well done. The external factors are always strongly influencing everything we do. I try to very hard to make sure there is a strong separation between work and home life.

  6. farouk says:

    i liked the post so much Alik
    we have so much inner powers, once we can reach them we can do the impossible

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