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Grow Quality – Not Quantity

Business growth is a daily mantra in management circles. At least this is what I’ve noticed. But what growth means is different to different people. For some it is more customers base, for others more revenue.

This is what growth means to me:

Grow expertise. I strongly believe that being the best is a key to success. A colleague of mine told me today that being the only one is even better. Constant learning and research build expertise. Constant trial and error approach builds even more expertise. Then back to learning and even more research adds to success while motivated by failures and errors. Phil Gerbyshak offers  to become an expert in his More Tips to Recession Proof Your Career. I am with you, Phil.

Grow your focus. Focusing on specific area builds deep expertise. From Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour work week book:


From the law #1 from The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding 

"Customers want brands that are narrow"

Grow personal productivity. Removing logistics and operations costs in terms of time and energy create more opportunities to build more expertise [see first bullet]. Adopting simple habits and procedures streamline productivity and effectiveness and removes friction.

Grow personal network. Being the best is one man show. Being part of the super stars team is sure fire win. It allows building even more expertise for each member. Each one adds to the overall team’s expertise. From Building Your Advice-and-Counsel Network:

"No lead, no matter how capable and energetic, can do it all."

Grow personal confidence. Confidence is critical to building trust. Confidence can be fake, but when the confidence is built on top of the expertise it is true one.

The rest will come. What customer will say “No” to trustful productive expert backed by few others like this?


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8 Comments on "Grow Quality – Not Quantity"

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  1. jd says:

    Narrowing focus is the key to improving quality.

  2. Continuous improvement, focus, and depth will take you far! Keep reaching, and you’ll get there! Well done!

  3. confi says:

    Great and interesting post on confidence building. Agree with you fully. However we have our own view on confidence building too. You can find out more at

  4. alik says:

    @jd – indeed, i witness it time after time with my customers. They always look for deep expertise/quality. Focusing proved time after time to be sure fire way to build the expertise and satisfy customer while building more trust.
    @Phil – thanks for checking in! I am happy we share same vision here. Makes me even more confident :) – thanks.
    @Confi – loved “How to Build Confidence in Children ” list.

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