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Consultant Solves Problems Fast

Consultant solves problems fastConsultant figures out quickly the problem and the approach to solving it, providing specific solution to the problem is a big plus, of course.

Customers want results fast on one hand, on another hand in most cases consultants charge per hour so the faster the problem solved less money paid. It may look counter-productive for the consultant. But it is not counter-productive at all. Consultant who solves problems fast gets ahead of the pack and that becomes his competitive advantage. It means that the consultants gets booked solid. What’s better? To deliver 100 billable hours and sit on the bench for another 30 hours or deliver constantly 40 hours then another 40 hours then another 40 without bench time at all?

Flawless execution and delivery are the key to fast delivery. There is more to it though .Marketing, sales, planning, influence without authority, time management, information management, networking, conflict resolution, public speaking, trust, writing, making raving fans, failing fast, risk management, interviewing, saying No, emotional intelligence, recreation, skills building, partnering, competing and some more.

Each of the above aspects of consulting can be viewed as problems that consultant needs to solve first as a prerequisite for solving a larger problem, his customer problem. The good news is the longer you stay with these problems the faster problem solver you become. But there are shortcuts that allow you to become a fast problem solver faster. I studied the shortcuts and I applied them as I learned them. Some worked for me and some not. I collected those shortcuts that boosted my performance as a consultant and shared on this blog so you can stay with problems less and start deliver results faster while booked solid.


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