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Blogger, Improve Your Eyesight!

improve eyesight
by zedzap

Bloggers’ eyes are at strains as blogging requires tons of reading. Especially it is painful for part time bloggers as they do it at night when the light is less than optimal.

The result is pretty expected – at some point bloggers prescribed to wear eyeglasses.

That is exactly what happened to me a year ago at age of 36. While almost everyone tells me the glasses suit me I admit it is a pain – physical and logistical [and financial].

William H. Bates shares practical techniques to improve eyesight in his book The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses. I adopted 3 of them as they seemed to me something I can stick and practice for a long period of time.

Resting the Eye

Bates writes:

The simplest way to rest the eye is to close the for a longer or shorter period and think about something agreeable. This is always the first thing to do, and there are very few people who are not temporarily benefitted by it.

Nothing seems scientific here, right? It is very natural to close eyes and give it a rest for sometime. Now ask yourself, how many times you do it throughout the day?

Here is the plan – allocate 5 minutes each reading hour to close your eyes and give it a rest.


Bates writes:

A still greater degree of rest can be obtained by closing and covering the eyes so as to exclude all the light… When you can palm perfectly you will see a field so black that it is impossible to remember, imagine, or see, anything blacker , and when you are able to do this yours sight will be normal.

Light is what helps and hurts our eyes, when at rest it’s best when no light is felt at all. Palming helps me.

Sun Treatment

Bates writes:

Sun is as necessary to normal eye as is rest and relaxation. If it is possible, start the day by exposing the closed eyes to the sun. Just few minutes at a time will help.

I must admit – I feel most productive in the morning. Now I clearly understand it is because I read and write with sun light that makes reading much easier and fun.

Practice This – Get Results

Blogger, improve your eyesight with these simple practices:

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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    I forgot about the palming technique. It’s so simple, but so effective. It’s interesting when you remember that your eyes have little muscles and they get strained. You can feel stress in them, when you know what it feels like.

  2. alik levin says:

    I started it applying and it feels like my eyes like it :), especially sun treatment.

    I am still wearing the glasses, but the overall feeling is good.

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