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A Different One Million Dollar Mindset

I was reading the post Marketing Tips Videos from “Get Altitude” on AlexG’s blog at Daily Cup of Tea. I took few notes as AlexG suggested. These are my favorite:

  • How to get a dollar from 1,000,000 people? – Give a value of 100 dollar to 1,000,000 people and ask for a dollar.
  • Wealth is a mindset. 
  • Don’t keep your best ideas secret. This one resonates a lot with what Gerry M. Weinberg writes in his Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully.
  • Move the free line. Give away more value to attract more customers.
  • How to name things? – Use phonological loop. “Coca-Cola”, “Robert De Niro”, “Motorola”, “Palm Pilot”, “Blackberry”, “Windows Vista”.

Hey! Look what I found – Eben Pagan’s Marketing Tips Takeaway Points

Putting it in practice

  • Create new name for your product. Use phonological loop. It must be catchy. Make it sticky.
  • Think of something very cool you practiced for years and it gave you results. Something value packed. Give it away. Free.
  • Ask for one dollar. A million times.


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4 Comments on "A Different One Million Dollar Mindset"

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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    Good stuff.

    I heard some of the people that made the most money in Second Life sold $1 items to lots of people.

  2. Ha-Ha! My lovely bride suggests I “charge” for my scripts, that I give away too much. I reply that I am “building my brand” (as a good friend teaches). The fruits of my intellectual efforts are growing on the vine–they will eventually be ripe for the picking. Thanks for the validation!

  3. AlexG says:

    Thank you Alik for mentioning my blog. Much appreciated.

    Glad you enjoyed the videos.

    I stumbled on your blog by chance from another blog, can’t remember which one. I enjoy your content.

  4. alik levin says:

    Seems like selling 1$ to lots of people is a potential path to survive the recession, uh?

    Your last post seriously moved me. I am sorry the topic is far from cheerful but the writing is very strong. Strong writing, moving posts…. are good ingredients for strong brand, partner. Keep up with the great work you do!

    Looking forward to reading more gems on your blog.

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