3 Simple Rules To Become The World’s Greatest Brand [Plus Self Check]

I am selling the Most Valuable Product, the Experience. What are you selling (stop denying, we all sell something)? Does your customer get engaged easily? No? Neither mine. Then how do you engage with your customer?

You create a brand that is credible, compelling, and personally connected with the potential customer. 


by myuibe

This simple formula is expressed in William J. McEwen’s book Married to the Brand: Why Consumers Bond with Some Brands for Life. How do you check your brand for credibility, compelling, and connecting? This is what the author suggest:


  • [Brand] is a name I can always trust.
  • [Brand] always delivers on what they promise.
  • [Brand] is a highly respected brand name.
  • I know what [Brand] stands for and what makes them different


  • [Brand] sets the standard for all other brands to follow
  • There is no other [product/service category] quite like [Brand]
  • I can’t imaging a world without [Brand]
  • [Owners/Buyers/Shoppers/Customers] rave about how great [Brand] is.


  • [Brand] is the perfect [product/service category] for people like me.
  • I can easily imaging myself as a [Brand] [owner/shopper/buyer/customer]

“Brand promises that are Credible, present a Compelling offer, and manage to personally Connect will attract first dates. But far more than that, they will generate a special type of first date – one that set the stage for a continuing brand relationship” – William J. McEwen, the author.

Self check

Are *you* Credible, Compelling, and Connecting brand? Check yourself. Replace [Brand] with [My dad/mom] or [My husband/wife]. Is it still Credible, Compelling, Connected? Are you world greatest for your customer?

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This blog is dedicated to share simple practices I that get me results.

7 Comments on "3 Simple Rules To Become The World’s Greatest Brand [Plus Self Check]"

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  1. Vered says:

    Well, I’m pretty sure my loved ones do find it hard to imagine a world without me. :) Other than that, I am still a work in progress.

  2. Marelisa says:

    This is very interesting Alik. Even if you’re a solo operation you can learn from the “big guys” on how to create a great brand name for yourself. I guess for bloggers to be credible they should let the reader know what their credentials are and cite their sources when writing an article. To be compelling they have to write great posts. And to connect they should reply to their readers in the comment sections and write about topics the readers ask to know more about. Do you agree with this?

  3. alik levin says:

    And I am sure your loved ones can easily imagine themselves as an owners of yourself ;)…

    Good mapping to blogoworld! I like it!
    With regards to credibility…. For me it is more like street creds. I’d consider credibility if I had many Technorati reactions. I’d put it as my credibility signature. Link Love kicks in again.
    Showing off the credentials (like titles, employment with big companies etc) seem to me off. Showing off Love [Link Love] is more credible for me I guess. Then again… how do you get loved? Ask Shilpan – he seem to master the tipping point theory. Connectors, Salesmen, Sticky Message, Context…
    Connectors [A-List bloggers] and Salesmen [underdog bloggers] seem to be the important ingredient for Credibility.

  4. Just to stir the pot a bit – the ‘greatest brand’ isn’t always the ‘best selling brand’. Moreover, I think successful branding and marketing in general is tough to understand since there’s always that ‘X’ factor that makes things popular. just my 2cents.

  5. alik levin says:

    Good point!

    This is what the author talks in the book too. I just liked Credible, Compelling, Connecting simple formula. It seemed to me easy to follow and self check questions are reasonable. The best thing i liked is that it is applicable to family too. See, the only customer I am focused now is my kids. I want to be their greatest brand. How? Credible, Compelling, Connecting….

    Makes sense?

  6. Chris says:

    I try to be credible and connecting. Now the compelling part is the hardest one for me. But my wife and my oldest daughter fit these 3 things.

  7. alik levin says:

    Good to hear you’ve got your brand 😉
    WRT compelling – just try to become a superhero, it is easy, here are 3 simple steps:

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